Why Arsene might buy a 30 year-old goal keeper…

So I’ve been thinking about the goal keeper situation. And while it’s easy to say that a change needs to be made, there are some big decisions underneath that will impact the team. Sure, Almunia can leave, but we have a congestion problem with our other keepers. Arsene will need to make not one, but several big decisions and depending how risky he wants to get, we might just get a 30+ year-old goal keeper.  Continue reading


Next season’s midfield will be different, Arsene’s chance at magic, and why the Hazard rumors make sense

Lots of talk about new imports. Some are just funny, others smack of possibility. Holding aside names for just a second, even if only 10% of  the rumors are true, a pattern is starting to emerge. Yes, yes, of course goal keeping and defensive support, but more importantly a particular focus on the midfield; or, rather, a type of midfield player. All year Arsene supported his midfield, but something seems to have changed. Arsenal is being linked with midfielders of a certain type at that; a type that we don’t have. This means big changes are coming this summer. Continue reading

This is stability? Fab, Bracewell and NEW billionaire owner. Has the Board given up?

Big money money big money money! The rumors about the money flying around our beloved Arsenal are high right now. And I’m not talking about potential transfers. If the rumors are true, the Arsenal Board approved a special pay day to Fab last summer. Meanwhile, Bracewell might sell her shares to yet another billionaire. Time for a Gallic shrug? Just when I thought the manciteh game was going to bore us to death and with the May 1st fire works fast approaching, the soap opera at the Emirates continues. Continue reading

Tricky Arsene stringing along Gallas negotiations

With Silvestre and Senderos out, Johann recovering, Sol pushing the century mark and Gallas without a contract, the physical and psychological underpinnings of the Arsenal defense are in tatters. Arsene knows this and is shopping for a new central defender. But to get what, or who, he really wants, he’s extending the Gallas contact negotiations until he gets what he wants. That’s why he hasn’t signed Gallas and that’s why he stopped all contract extension negotiations across the board. Continue reading

Three summer purchases to rebuild Arsenal

Okay, let the summer time talk resume. Because of this year’s debacle, this summer is more interesting than most. Arsenal are being linked with everyone under the sun these days. And with manciteh chasing us everywhere it makes sense for the Club to create a lot of smoke and mirrors to cover our tracks. That said, I like the names we’re being linked with. For just £40m or the cost of 3/4 a Ribery or one David Villa, we can significantly rebuild our squad. Continue reading

One Gooner’s thank you to Wigan for the wake up call

Is this the darkness before the storm? With a golden opportunity to reignite the race for the EPL, our team fell flat. There is no excuse here. Three goals in 11 minutes is too much. This is a debacle. Many will call for a revamp of the squad; others will ask for calmness. I fall somewhere in between. I never thought I’d say this, but Arsene has become too risk adverse, in every facet of the game. But this Wigan game is the wake up call we need to make radical changes and get serious. It’s time to rebuild from the ground up. Continue reading

Arsene’s preparing to replace half the team this summer

Let the exodus begin! A season without trophies can be a blessing in disguise if it shakes the Club out of its doldrums. And lets be honest, Arsenal needs some significant changes and added depth. The expected announcement of Merida’s move to Atletico Madrid launched the transfer ship, but it’s just the first of many that will see a new team arise out of this season’s failed expectations. This is great opportunity to infuse the team with new talent and balance. Forget who’s coming in, lets talk about who’s leaving. Continue reading