Why Chamakh is a huge pickup and might keep Fab at Arsenal

Chamakh wasn’t the most exciting of transfers. Forget that everyone knew he was coming. He’s a Moroccan international coming from a French team that fell to sixth this season. But Chamakh is actually one of those signings that might push us over the top and keep Fab at Arsenal. Everyone wants big name signings, but a team requires balance and players that maximize their potential day in and day out. Chamakh is one of those players. Continue reading


The danger of Arsene’s course: next season’s top four finish is at risk.

The end of this season will bring all kinds of questions and review. But people should recognize that this season was the beginning of the end of the EPL as we know it. It was just last summer that manciteh declared themselves to the league. And while ‘pool took the hit, the pressure on Arsenal has not diminished. Next year, the battle for the champions league will be 10x more fierce. Arsene’s strategy for the last five years need must change. Continue reading

Arsene must know it’s time; this team lacks the quality

When it rains it pours my friends. Times, they are rough. To think we’re fighting for third. Although some of this was predictable -injuries finally caught up to us -all of us, fans, players, Arsene need to dig deep to get through this. Arsene can blame whomever he wants in the press, but this is a pattern beyond the pale. Arsene knows it too, big changes must be made because this team doesn’t cut it. Continue reading

One Gooner’s thank you to Wigan for the wake up call

Is this the darkness before the storm? With a golden opportunity to reignite the race for the EPL, our team fell flat. There is no excuse here. Three goals in 11 minutes is too much. This is a debacle. Many will call for a revamp of the squad; others will ask for calmness. I fall somewhere in between. I never thought I’d say this, but Arsene has become too risk adverse, in every facet of the game. But this Wigan game is the wake up call we need to make radical changes and get serious. It’s time to rebuild from the ground up. Continue reading

Spurs Beat the Gunners in the North London Derby

It feels like yesterday when we put the spuds in their place.  But, these are different times.  Today we lost.  Tomorrow we wake up to another disappointing season.  Continue reading

There’s only One Song and he’s gone. Arsene must win this game with tactics

Arrrrrrgh. I’m a positive person by nature, glass half full and all that. And I truly was looking forward to the match at Nou Camp tomorrow. Fear of no one. But I have to say, even my optimism took a hit when I heard Song would miss the barca game. One of my favorite players, Song has been a rock for us all season. The only positive I can find, is that the loss of Song might force Arsene to change his approach to this game. Absent our One Song, we will now be asking less to do more. Forget men against boys: we need Arsene to win this game through management and tactics. The beautiful game is secondary. Continue reading

Nasri and Diaby: the sum is greater than the parts

This game comes down to Nasri and Diaby playing their way. Unlike the first match, this one looks to be more physical, less pretty and more like an EPL match. Don’t misunderstand me, this won’t be a Bolton v. Stock City matchup -the players won’t be out to put on the pain. But it will be faster paced, less passing, more dibbling and harder tackling. Continue reading

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