We can win this match if we play like we did in the second leg against Porto.  And I believe we will.  Why? Well I’m glad you asked.  Continue reading


MayDay: preparing for the Kroenke take over of Arsenal

I’m just acting as if last weekend didn’t even happen. So lets not talk about it. Instead, lets focus on Kroenke again for a minute because the money machine was moving last week. More shares were purchased and new questions about Kroenke’s ownership of the Rams has come up.  So the May countdown is on. I wish we could put a counter on the website: May Day is about to take on a whole new significance for Arsenal fans. Continue reading

Arsenal’s Achilles Heel?

St. Andrews.  Birmingham.  Hong Kong millionaire and ugly kits.   Eduardo’s unspeakable injury.  Two fatal draws.  These are some of my least favorite things.  BUT, I’m not disappointed in the players’  performances.  In fact, I am impressed.  After a lackluster opening half, we opened them up.  90 minute goals happen.  But, we have to take away  a gutful performance that showed our teams title aspirations–even if these aspirations don’t manifest in this year’s domestic campaign.  Continue reading

Will Arshavin stay? The dark clouds seem to be gathering

Is Arshavin leaving this summer? I don’t know, but some of his rumblings are causing me concern. The Russian wizard definitely thinks differently, at the best of times. Add in the cultural differences, inaccurate translations and the best fan Q&A forum in the world (check out Arseblog’s highlights) and he’s a total mystery at times. But what seems to be a continued lack of adaption to the London scene and sometimes cynical approach are causing me some concern. I worry if he’s happy at Arsenal. Continue reading

Today Children

We have guts, technical ability, desire, and money.  All we need is seven wins and a little luck.  But, before the next match we have to get something straight.  Do not show fear.   Cue our crazy little Russian.  We need to buy next season?  Duh.  But there is no next season until we finish this campaign.  We have enough to do the job NOW.  Continue reading

There will be (fresh) blood: it’s a buyers market this summer so Arsene will be shopping

It’s no shock the summmer transfer rumors are already in overdrive. This summer has all the makings of an explosive transfer session. Normally, the World Cup would make the summer interesting by itself, as new talent is exposed. But last summer’s price inflation is about to meet this coming summer’s firesale at real madrid and chelsea. Although manciteh is going to flash the cash, and probably buy half of the cast ways from chelsea and real madrid, talent should still exceed cash. This means arsene is likely to purchase this summer because it’s a buyer’s market. Continue reading

Silverware now depends on Diaby. Yes, Diaby.

I want to take this moment to stand and applaud Diaby.  There is a strength of our team hidden amongst the flowing game and Diaby is one of the few at the core of it.  Everyone looks to Fabulous Fab as the team leader, but the heart and soul of the team are emerging from a rapidly maturing set of players: Diaby, Song and Nasri.  And, as we hit crunch time, Diaby is the key the silver. Continue reading