As the Arsenal Turns: Arsenal’s goal keeper soap opera has 8 more months to run

I don't want to play with goal keepers!

No soap opera would be complete if there weren’t multiple story lines. Arsenal is no different. The main plot is and will be Fab’s role on the team: will he or won’t he? And of course how will other players react. Nasri made his feelings clear: I think he impregnated his shirt after he scored a penalty against the tiny Totts. Yes, you’re a Gunner, we got it. But the most recent subplot to unfold is yet another summer story come to pass: the goal keeper. Unfortunately, this story is more fodder for everything else. Anyway, go grab your notepad, because walking through this plot ain’t easy. Thanks Arsene (sarcasm).
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Is it time: Szczęsny, Arsenal’s new number 1?

Iker started young at real madrid, so why not Szczęsny? Why can’t Szczęsny be Arsenal’s keeper?

Age doesn’t matter if the quality is there. Look at Fab, Messi and company. Granted, a clip is just a bunch of highlights. One should look good. But what’s more important is his presence and fearlessness. It’s the strength of character Arsenal seem to be missing between the posts.

Arsene bets on youth all the time; maybe it’s time for a risk on Szczęsny.

Why Arsene might buy a 30 year-old goal keeper…

So I’ve been thinking about the goal keeper situation. And while it’s easy to say that a change needs to be made, there are some big decisions underneath that will impact the team. Sure, Almunia can leave, but we have a congestion problem with our other keepers. Arsene will need to make not one, but several big decisions and depending how risky he wants to get, we might just get a 30+ year-old goal keeper.  Continue reading