Arsenal’s savior: it’s Nasri’s time to take over Arsenal

Watching Nasri this preseason I can’t hep but think Nasri senses that his moment is now. Only two games and three weeks into preseason, but one can sense something is afoot in the french tasmanian devil. For all of this summer’s talk about Fab, GOA is going on record to say that this will be Nasri’s breakout season. Too often playing second fiddle combined with failing to make an impression when given an opportunity last season, the stars are aligned for the frenchie from Marseille. Besides this goaland this goal, here are five reasons why: Continue reading


Is it time: Szczęsny, Arsenal’s new number 1?

Iker started young at real madrid, so why not Szczęsny? Why can’t Szczęsny be Arsenal’s keeper?

Age doesn’t matter if the quality is there. Look at Fab, Messi and company. Granted, a clip is just a bunch of highlights. One should look good. But what’s more important is his presence and fearlessness. It’s the strength of character Arsenal seem to be missing between the posts.

Arsene bets on youth all the time; maybe it’s time for a risk on Szczęsny.

Four reasons Gallas will stay at Arsenal

It sounds crazy to say Gallas will be back next season: with his up and down temperament, locker room conflicts, the French World Cup debacle and downright obstinate nature. Oh yeah, also his age and injuries might have to be taken into account as well. But still, Gallas may return to the Arsenal family and honestly this might be best for both Gallas and Arsenal. Here are four reasons why. Continue reading

To buy or not to buy: Arsene has a defensive midfielder conundrum

Only six weeks from the start of the season and Arsenal’s squad for next season is starting to take shape. There are still a few holes here and there that we should expect will be filled up in the next two weeks: goal keeper (please please Frey!) and maybe another CB or DM. But Arsene has a potential twist in finalizing the defensive midfielder position.  Continue reading

For those still on the fence about Fab

I don’t care if they did win. It’s disrespectful. It also shows how much influence the other players have over him that they can do this to the captain of Arsenal.

How can we win and attract other players if this is how our captain is treated and reacts?

Arsene’s secret weapon: Pedro Botehlo

So often, the key to change is in the little things. To be sure, Fab’s departure to barca would be a big deal, no doubt. But many times the most minute transfers or introductions of new players can have a consequence beyond the obvious. This summer, Arsenal faces this opportunity with the (hopeful) return of a young player out on loan for the last three years: Pedro Botehlo. Continue reading

If Fab doesn’t leave now; barca won’t be able to buy him next summer

Fab better get right and get right soon. If he wants to leave for barca he needs to force it through now. Because the way the Catalan club is falling apart these days, they won’t be able to afford him next year. Between mismanagement of talent and resources, barca is facing a bleak period in its coming future. Acquiring Fab should have been the Spanish club’s number 1 priority these last two years; not Ibra and not Villa. Now their attempts smack of desperation and hint at the potential decline of the empire. For Fab though, it means if he doesn’t force a transfer through now, he might be in North London for a long-while yet. Continue reading