Four reasons Gallas will stay at Arsenal

It sounds crazy to say Gallas will be back next season: with his up and down temperament, locker room conflicts, the French World Cup debacle and downright obstinate nature. Oh yeah, also his age and injuries might have to be taken into account as well. But still, Gallas may return to the Arsenal family and honestly this might be best for both Gallas and Arsenal. Here are four reasons why. Continue reading


Arsene pulls another fast one. Why Koscienly is a good buy for the Arsenal

Just a quick bit in preparation for this week’s impending announcement. The blogosphere is a mess about the up coming Koscienly transfer. Jumping ahead of the official announcement, I’ll say it: Koscienly is a good buy for Arsenal. Continue reading

barca’s tapping up might keep Fab at Arsenal

A few weeks ago I would have bet money that Fab was leaving for barca this summer. And if not this summer, then this was to be his Ronaldo season (swan song) and he was gone for sure next summer. But then barca started acting like, well barca. Laporta & Co. seem to be  trying as hard as they can to keep Fab at Arsenal. Any semblance of class, let alone respect for Fab has gone out the window. Arsenal can handle ourselves; we’re a big Club. But if barca keep this up, by the end of the World Cup, hopefully Fab will realize that home isn’t always where one is born. Continue reading

Bleed’m dry Ivan! Arsenal begin negotiations to sell Fab

Arsenal released an announcement that it turned down an offer for Fab and the Gunner Universe goes mad with joy. One friend said to me (essentially) “Oh, wow looks like Fab isn’t leaving.” Huh? What? No, that release simply said we’re going to make barca pay in blood for Fab. It’s not for nothing that members of the barca elite are claiming that a move will still happen; or, rumors persist that Fab is trying to engineer a move on his own. Of course we have no intent to sell him, but we are willing to sell him and barca knows this too. Continue reading

Dear Arsenal: a lesson in public relations

Among the many changes we can anticipate for this upcoming season, one big hope I hold is for the sophistication of Arsenal’s media relations. I have no idea who manages this process, but something must give. Getting information out of the Club’s hiearchy is the proverbially fruitless task of trying to squeeze blood from a rock. It doesn’t happen. Who’s fault is this? Arsene? Gazidis? Fox? Continue reading

This is stability? Fab, Bracewell and NEW billionaire owner. Has the Board given up?

Big money money big money money! The rumors about the money flying around our beloved Arsenal are high right now. And I’m not talking about potential transfers. If the rumors are true, the Arsenal Board approved a special pay day to Fab last summer. Meanwhile, Bracewell might sell her shares to yet another billionaire. Time for a Gallic shrug? Just when I thought the manciteh game was going to bore us to death and with the May 1st fire works fast approaching, the soap opera at the Emirates continues. Continue reading

One Gooner’s thank you to Wigan for the wake up call

Is this the darkness before the storm? With a golden opportunity to reignite the race for the EPL, our team fell flat. There is no excuse here. Three goals in 11 minutes is too much. This is a debacle. Many will call for a revamp of the squad; others will ask for calmness. I fall somewhere in between. I never thought I’d say this, but Arsene has become too risk adverse, in every facet of the game. But this Wigan game is the wake up call we need to make radical changes and get serious. It’s time to rebuild from the ground up. Continue reading