This is stability? Fab, Bracewell and NEW billionaire owner. Has the Board given up?

Big money money big money money! The rumors about the money flying around our beloved Arsenal are high right now. And I’m not talking about potential transfers. If the rumors are true, the Arsenal Board approved a special pay day to Fab last summer. Meanwhile, Bracewell might sell her shares to yet another billionaire. Time for a Gallic shrug? Just when I thought the manciteh game was going to bore us to death and with the May 1st fire works fast approaching, the soap opera at the Emirates continues.

For a stable Club, it feels unstable. I think it’s because of the degree of secrecy surrounding our Club’s operations. If I’d known about Fab’s special pay day last summer I would have felt better. But to have it leaked now, well, it’s just unsettling.

Don’t get me wrong Gooners. I think it was the right move. If Fab was the Man, then we (the Club) needed to put our money where our mouth was. Finding out the Club did just that gives me more general confidence in the operations of the Club. But keeping it all quiet and just saying trust us, that seems, well, foolish and makes me worry about the marketing of the Club. Sport is just as much about marketing as it is about winning –look to real madrid’s success on this front. Projecting a stable and well managed Club is a good marketing approach. Instead, us fans walkabout wondering if we’re about to lose Fab this summer.

Now we know Fab isn’t leaving this summer. Truth is, I don’t think Fab will leave unless Barca offers so much money we’d be foolish not to take it or Arsene leaves. Neither is on the radar, so lets ignore that. Instead, this Fab contract makes the summer somewhat easier. All shadow of a doubt about Fab leaving are gone.  Also, knowing that Fab is staying narrows what rumors make any sense and which ones are just some random blogger’s night time happy dreams that catch Internet fire. Arsene will have a clear strategy for transfers and incoming players will know Fab will be here.

All of that being said, the Board is still causing me headaches. Rumors about a potential purchase of Bracewell’s 15% would seem to undermine the very concept of stability. One does not sell 15% of their shares at £10k per share to some billionaire and expect stability. No, stability means selling your shares in pieces to various individuals that force the current majority owners to be nice to everyone before one buys it all.

Increasingly, Bracewell seems to be a woman scorned and we might all pay for it; although I really hope the rumors are way off base. Should this rumor turn to fact though, Arsenal -the third most valuable team in the world, the only real team left to be a crown jewel for one of the Dukes of capitalism, and, yes, the best run Club in le futbol -will become a piece of meat fought over by three very very big dogs.

Billionaires are not accustomed to not running things and Bracewell is setting up a very big fight at the Board level. Lets not split hairs between which bloke has the most money. At this level only the individual really knows how much money they have access to.

-the student


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