Three summer purchases to rebuild Arsenal

Okay, let the summer time talk resume. Because of this year’s debacle, this summer is more interesting than most. Arsenal are being linked with everyone under the sun these days. And with manciteh chasing us everywhere it makes sense for the Club to create a lot of smoke and mirrors to cover our tracks. That said, I like the names we’re being linked with. For just £40m or the cost of 3/4 a Ribery or one David Villa, we can significantly rebuild our squad.

Arsene is stuck on a 4-3-3. This means any purchases for our midfield must slot in with a quickness. Forget buying winger types like Angel Di Maria. Instead, look for purchases of young talent that expand our ability to pass in the midfield and provide more of a Song type of presence for a DM -physical, but not passing as the base of a diamond like a Melo or Alonso.

Right now, three young players are being heavily linked with Arsenal and they fit the mold perfectly. If nothing else, the rumors show Arsene’s thinking. Since all of them are young stars, their prices are high, but their wages are likely low. I would put money on one coming this year; the other arriving next year and the third is a 50/50 shot generally.

And yes, they’re young. So what? Our issues were lack of talent, lack of depth and mental. With another year under our belt, the babies are men now. No more excuses.

First on the list is Ander Herrara. His club and agent flat out confirmed Arsenal’s contact and negotiations. So we know it’s true. The tabloids are tipping young Ander as the replacement for Fab. But of course, so was Merida.

I like Herrara. He’s the all around midfielder we are missing to complement Fab. He can score, but he’s not a scorer per se (only three goals this season). Instead he’s a sublime passer that can open the field for a new rebuilt strike force and provide more defensive cover allowing Fab to focus on the creative side. Think Iniesta (Herrara) and Xavi (Fab).

Second up, Eden Hazard. The rumors around this one have been growing slowly but steadily. An unquestioned talent, he can and already does win games. He has Nasri’s ball control skills, but he’s a far better passer. To top it all, he’s also given his vocal support to a move to Arsenal. Will it happen? I don’t know, but if any youngster can come in and push Fab, it’s Hazard. He’s the type of signing Fab needs to see in order to stay and compete against in order to stay driven.

And just imagine an Arsenal kit with “Hazard” on the back. Sick nasty. He won’t be cheap, but he fits the rumored £13-£15m purchase price for Arsene. The fact that Arsene called him personally this month bodes well.

Yes, I really want him to join Arsenal. Although I don’t think he’ll leave Lille until next year.

Third, Sissoko from Toulouse. GOA has talked about this young cat before. The rumors here aren’t as strong, but again, they keep simmering. Unlike the above two, Sissoko slots in perfectly as a defensive player, providing some relief for Song. Adding him would increase our defensive presence, since we can also put him in to help shut down close games as well -a glaring weakness this year. Other teams, like manciteh though are apparently sniffing around, so his price is higher than it really should be. With purchases focusing on the central defense, he’s a 50/50 at his current price.

In the end, the total cost of these new acquisitions would be less than £40m. Yes, less than £40m and we have a new look squad. Herrara is likely to cost between £8-10m according to reports; with Hazard and Sissoko not more than £15m respectively.

That gives us a £20m cushion in our £60m kitty this summer. Throw in a couple of players sold, maybe Eduardo, Vela and/or Eboue, and Arsene still has plenty of money to buy central defenders, a goal keeper, and maybe even a right back (Wiel? for £5m?).

It’s going to be a wild summer.

-the student


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