Why Kroenke might sell his Arsenal shares

That’s right, just before our big Derby match, the Board decides to go off the deep end. Prepare yourselves my fellow Gooners this summer is going to be a roller coaster. Lady Bracewell-Smith made her play, hoping to cash in on Kroenke. But no. Kroenke turns the tables and upends Arsenal and the NFL (maybe even the NBA, but that’s a whole other story). How? Because he announces that he wants to buy the St. Louis Rams. Sadly this decision illustrates why Silent Sam is a good businessman, just what we need; so his potential movement away from Arsenal is bad for the Club. Continue reading


Bracewell’s error: will Arsenal be like manciteh now?

Just when everyone was settled into a quiet week before the Derby, Lady Bracewell-Smith spiced things up. Not only is she looking to sell, but she might be looking to sell to an outsider. It was no accident she made this announcement today or contracted with Blackstone to advise her. The Lady made a strategic move to undermine Kroenke in order to keep the status quo. But she may have caused more harm and threatened the future of our Club. Continue reading

MayDay: preparing for the Kroenke take over of Arsenal

I’m just acting as if last weekend didn’t even happen. So lets not talk about it. Instead, lets focus on Kroenke again for a minute because the money machine was moving last week. More shares were purchased and new questions about Kroenke’s ownership of the Rams has come up.  So the May countdown is on. I wish we could put a counter on the website: May Day is about to take on a whole new significance for Arsenal fans. Continue reading

Arsenal America -it’s time for a tour in the States

So I’m sitting here watching Fever Pitch (the good one) on my Christmas break.  I figured, why not try to fill the void this week with the Arsenal film.  Being so far away from N5 one can feel abandoned at times.  Not only is the stadium an ocean away, but we don’t even get to see the team during pre-season.  But with Kroenke purchase, I’m hoping this might, finally, be changing.  It’s time for a US tour, if not for the team, then for the fans. Continue reading

Learn from Lerner–Buy American!

This is the first of many pieces that discuss the positive influences that American ownership has had on English Premier League football clubs.  This is inspired by our discussions about Kroenke and the inevitable takeover bid by the billionaire sportsman.

First, let me introduce you to Aston Villa’s money man,  Mr. Randy Lerner. England meet Randy Lerner.  Lerner meet England.  Lerner is a former lawyer who learned of the beautiful game whilst studying at Clare College in Cambridge.  He, like Kroenke, owns an  American professional team (Cleveland Browns) and an English Premier League club (Aston Villa).  His net worth is estimated to be approximately 1.5b USD that is all held by his company, Reform Acquisitions LLC.  That’s not bad for a kid from a lower middle class family in Brooklyn, NY.

Lerner has also had a positive influence on Aston Villa.  Just look at Aston Villa’s corporate partners.  Most of the platinum partners only jumped on board after Lerner took control of the club in 2006.  If that’s not enough, look at their current place in the table!  Everybody is talking about the mancs making a strong top 4 challenge, but nobody talks about the fact that AVFC is the only club to have beaten Chelsea and ManUtd.  Moreover, this is not a fluke.  This team has been steadily rising in the ranks since Lerner got on board.
Continue reading

Kroenke has earned a chance to run Arsenal

This January provides a powerful reminder of the new world order the Arsenal find themselves as they search for transfer targets.  The Club is fighing on every level for everything: trophies, players and debt servicing.  These pressures are not unique and frankly are just the new forces of global football.  New ownership appears a necessity.  Luckily, the person stepping up to take that challenge has already demonstrated a positive influence on the Club: “Silent” Stan Kroenke.  Silent Stan has already begun to impose vital and good changes on the Club and deserves a chance to lead the Club. Continue reading

Victoria Concordia Crescit…

The Arsenal world is raging over the potential (impending?) Kroenke takeover.  Is he good or is he bad for the Arsenal?  More to the point, for the old home grown fans, Kroenke threatens to Amercanize Arsenal.  And lets be fair, the new world order challenges what once was and the myths of days gone by.  But these fears are based on the wrong concerns.  Kroenke represents exactly what the Arsenal need. Continue reading