Learn from Lerner–Buy American!

This is the first of many pieces that discuss the positive influences that American ownership has had on English Premier League football clubs.  This is inspired by our discussions about Kroenke and the inevitable takeover bid by the billionaire sportsman.

First, let me introduce you to Aston Villa’s money man,  Mr. Randy Lerner. England meet Randy Lerner.  Lerner meet England.  Lerner is a former lawyer who learned of the beautiful game whilst studying at Clare College in Cambridge.  He, like Kroenke, owns an  American professional team (Cleveland Browns) and an English Premier League club (Aston Villa).  His net worth is estimated to be approximately 1.5b USD that is all held by his company, Reform Acquisitions LLC.  That’s not bad for a kid from a lower middle class family in Brooklyn, NY.

Lerner has also had a positive influence on Aston Villa.  Just look at Aston Villa’s corporate partners.  Most of the platinum partners only jumped on board after Lerner took control of the club in 2006.  If that’s not enough, look at their current place in the table!  Everybody is talking about the mancs making a strong top 4 challenge, but nobody talks about the fact that AVFC is the only club to have beaten Chelsea and ManUtd.  Moreover, this is not a fluke.  This team has been steadily rising in the ranks since Lerner got on board.
Lerner came in around 2006 and AVFC has since moved up the table from 16th to 6th in 06/07 and 07/08.  Although they will likely fall to the likes of Arsenal (cough) there is no doubt that they have stepped up their game in years past.  Furthermore, AVFC is in less than 1/3 the debt of the Arsenal.  This again has most to do with Lerner.  He at once maintains solvency and gives coaches full reign over footballing decisions.  Look at what he’s done with the Browns:

Lerner was never a highly visible owner, but after the John Collins fallout, Lerner completely gave full control of all football decisions to his football people, primarily Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel. With no more confusion and desperate ploys for power to get in the way, and with a clear distribution of power, Savage and Crennel have formed a strong partnership and have guided the team in the right direction toward the ultimate goal of becoming a winning franchise that can compete for Cleveland’s first championship in over 40 years.

AVFC fans are probably wondering what the hell is wrong with the Arsenal.  They love their American money machine.  

Kroenke will surely bring our club the treasure and spoils that the fans deserve.  It’s only a matter of time before we’ll be posting stupid youtube vids.  Hopefully with better production.

Here’s to stars, stripes, and silverware.

signing off,

the pundit


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