off to the caves of Blackburn! the Goonerdamus pre-report

Also posted on Arsenal America (8/27/10):

For Goonerdamus, last week can only be described as awkward. It’s fairly obvious that Arsene Wenger controls both time and fate. How else to explain the starting lineup? It’s pretty clear that Wenger’s powers extend beyond the average manager -he’s made some sort of deal the devil or is a demi-god. Either that, or perhaps Goonerdamus shouldn’t be so optimistic when looking into the future. But a new day awaits and an old evil is back: Big Sam and the people that live in caves up in Blackburn. Continue reading


Walcott quits the Mousekeeters; Rosicky retires; Gooners get a man-crush and a terrifying rodent joins the squad

There’s a lot going on following the game against Blackpool. First, we had the Walcott show. Then Rosicky announces his retirement…from forward to central midfielder. Song has become a mainstay on Tiger Beat magazine for Gooner fans. And, oh yeah, we picked up another central defender: a squirrel with a vicious streak a mile wide.
Continue reading

Blackpool Pre-Report: Harry Potter Returns!

As featured on Arsenal America. It’s the curtain raiser at Emirates this Saturday against Blackpool. To be fair, I love the name Blackpool. It’s so very English and makes you think of Harry Potter. Even better Blackpool destroyed Wigan in their last game. Blackpool versus Wigan, not exactly a clash of the titans, but perhaps the most Quidditch sounding game of soccer ever. Unfortunately for Blackpool, they’re the Muggles in this story and Fab’s return to the lineup, EPL’s own Harry Potter, promises to make it a very special night. For Arsenal. Continue reading

How to fix Arsenal’s summer transfer marketing debacle

Arsene’s transfer antics have always been shrouded in a mystery novel of his own creation. But after five years the lack of a trophy has turned the author into an increasingly polarizing figure. Should he stay or should he go? This is becoming a publicity and marketing issue. The answer, however, rests in communication, not purchases. If Arsene respects the fans a little bit more, he might not even have to make a big purchase.  Continue reading

Fabregas is no longer captain of the squad

No matter what the Fab apologists might say, the damage is done. The unending, enduring and voluminous noises made out of of barca have had an effect on Fab. Mostly though, because of Fab’s reluctance to put an end to it. Regardless, every action has a reaction; and in this case, it’s time for Arsene to strip Fab of the armband. Fab is no longer the captain of the squad, at least not in spirit. Fans know this, players know this, and even Fab knows it. For the sake of the Club it’s time to give the armband to its rightful owner: Vermaelen. Continue reading

Why the liverpool sale might mean Arsenal is sold too

With the impending sale of liverpool to another billionaire, the challenges to Arsenal off the pitch are growing. Last season the debate about Arsenal’s potential ownership structure was a constant theme up until the anti-climatic May deadline. But watch for a resurgence in this debate if liverpool are purchased by an owner that has no desire to operate within any fiscal restraint. As liverpool go, so goes the Arsenal. Continue reading