Hooray the transfer season begins tomorrow! Final Predictions!

Well boys and girls, June 1 is almost here. Given all the speculation out there, one might wonder, so what? But June 1 is the true opening of the transfer window. June 1 is the day the transfer window opens in France Italy, Germany and Spain (what I like to call the “FIGS”). I obsesses over these types of regulations. My friends point out that my posts tend to be analysis driven, even to a fault, as opposed to more fun and entertaining. Sorry about that. But I can’t help it; I love the chess game beneath the media swirl of transfer rumors and June 1 is prime time! So here my predictions for the coming signings by Arsenal. Continue reading


Fab should stay because barca doesn’t really want him……..

I was thinking about Fab’s situation today at the gym -I still think he’ll leave -and am beginning to feel bad for him. His position, with Arsenal and barca is becoming more difficult. Sure, he may want to leave, I think we’ve all accepted that, but he’s giving up something potentially very special and he has to know that. While he might dream of his likely move to barca to come sooner, rather than later; if he stops and takes a breath, he might realize that leaving might not actually be the best thing for him. Indeed, barca doesn’t even want him for the team, they want him for marketing and political purposes. If he plays well, even better. Continue reading

Sell Fab: Arsenal – Fab = Gourcuff + Hazard

Fab is gone. That’s clear. Even if, by some twist of failed negotiations he stays, it’s only for another year. His silence has been overpowering. This means it’s time to rebuild the team and we need do so quickly. There’s no time to reminisce or hope for lost opportunities with manciteh biting at our heels. But that’s okay, it’s time to bring in the player that can truly be an Arsenal legend, one built for Arsenal: Gourcuff.

Continue reading

Why Chamakh is a huge pickup and might keep Fab at Arsenal

Chamakh wasn’t the most exciting of transfers. Forget that everyone knew he was coming. He’s a Moroccan international coming from a French team that fell to sixth this season. But Chamakh is actually one of those signings that might push us over the top and keep Fab at Arsenal. Everyone wants big name signings, but a team requires balance and players that maximize their potential day in and day out. Chamakh is one of those players. Continue reading

Dear Arsenal: a lesson in public relations

Among the many changes we can anticipate for this upcoming season, one big hope I hold is for the sophistication of Arsenal’s media relations. I have no idea who manages this process, but something must give. Getting information out of the Club’s hiearchy is the proverbially fruitless task of trying to squeeze blood from a rock. It doesn’t happen. Who’s fault is this? Arsene? Gazidis? Fox? Continue reading

It’s time for Fab to go…for him and us

With all the crazy rumors these days, lets make it simple: selling Fab makes sense. There, I said it. I wish it wasn’t true, but it has to be said.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Fab. He’s a great player. I don’t want him to leave. And, I don’t live in a dream world and would love if Fab wanted to stay, but let’s face facts. He doesn’t want to stay and selling Fab is good for the Club. Continue reading

If Fab is the new Ronaldo then it’s time for him to leave

So sorry for the long hiatus. There’s a lot going on theses days too. Usmanov’s strategic money moves; Arsene’s odd little hints here and there; but the most important rumors are the Fab ones. I don’t care what Fab said -his comments weren’t that big a deal -it’s about the constant rumors, they are destabilizing. At this point, the Club needs to ask whether now is a good time for Fab leave. Continue reading