Accepting reality: are Arsenal and manu tier two teams?

Is Arsenal a tier two team?  Arsene is really frustrated at the market.  Arsenal prepared itself to join the elite, then the elite changed the game.  Where there used to be three tiers in football economics, there are now four, and Arsenal appears to be tier two…with Manchester United. Continue reading


Dear Arsene: forget a striker buy a CB.

Three games: Bolton, Bolton, Stoke.  As if our team wasn’t physically depleted enough we had to play against a bunch of ex-cons from Bolton and hockey players from Stoke.  I’m not sure either team actually knew how to play football, let alone spell football.  Still, these three games exposed our defensive depth, or lack there of.  And of all the critiques Arsene has heard this year, there is one truth: our centerback situation is weak. Continue reading

Why Gooners should embrace foreign ownership: becoming the first Club of the 21st century.

The EPL, Serie A and La Liga are all happy to poach star players from around the world.  And fans of the big clubs demand that managers and clubs spend money on the world’s leading players to carry the club to glory.  Regardless of where the player might come from.  But while many English fans are quick to embrace Fab and Cantona because of the success they bring, too many are also quick to lament foreign ownership -the same ownership that has taken the EPL to the top of the League charts.  Arsenal fans must reject this latent xenophobia and become leaders of the 21st century new world soccer order. Continue reading

Merida fears for future after Arsene signs the entire U-12 squad of Zimbabwe.

Please Arsene, buy someone because I’m bored and this means I’m ranting.  This transfer window has been so lame.  To date, we’ve picked up two players for the 2015 team and one player from the 2003 team.  But we have yet to pick up anyone for the 2010 team.  Oh and Fran, welcome to the big boys club.  Either sign with us or sign with Atletico.  But it’s time to manup. Continue reading

Three reasons picking up Sol makes more sense than getting Viera.

Things just keep getting better and better.  Arsenal are being linked to every striker under the sun.  Then, just to top things off, we sign Sol Campbell back!  Indeed, as I’m writing this, Sol played the first half of the reserves match against West Ham.  Yet perhaps the biggest question is since we signed Sol, why not Viera? Continue reading

Blessed are us Gooners. Our Club is stable, competing and only getting better..

Frankly, an analysis of the Everton game is pretty boring.  It really just showed us what we already knew.  And, the transfer market is quiet in that spooky way that makes you wonder what the final week of January is going to be: boom or bust?  The real story for the first week of 2010 has been the ownership battles at all of the big English clubs save Arsenal.  And I for one couldn’t be happier. Continue reading

Arsene’s legitimate argument not to buy a striker.

Arsenal fans are pushing for a new striker after RVP’s injury.  Arsene has admitted he is looking for one.  But do we really need one?  Besides a few blips here and there, the Arsenal has been an offensive force this year.  So, although I’m on record as wanting to bring in a striker (Balotelli!) and believing we should buy one, I can see why Arsene might not buy a striker if Bendtner does return soon. Continue reading