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I suppose it’s time to update this About section since things have changed a bit for GOA. When GOA was first started, it began as an American perspective on everything Arsenal. Two American fans living in San Francisco reading the horrible discussions about the potential Kroenke purchase jumped into the fray.

To quote ourselves “As Americans we are always looking “west”—wherever that “west” may be—in search of every opportunity to influence Arsenal’s development as a club, a football philosophy, and a brand that people associate with class and silverware.”

The lofty goals and hyperbole were wonderful while it lasted, but every party must end. Now it’s time for the After Party. So while the above remains true, there have been some changes as well. Today, only one writer remains; although the other might guest write as time permits.

GOA has also gotten more involved with Arsenal America. I’m on the leadership board (I guess I’m part of the Entourage, more like Johnny Drama). I write for GOA, about twice a week and also for Arsenal America occasionally. And if I’m really nice, they might let me post on the Arsenal USA website again as well.



For a long time I’ve tried to post as much as possible as fast as possible on GOA: quantity over quality and all that. Now, however, I’m writing on Arsenal America more regularly and hopefully the Arsenal USA website. In order to balance all of this, I’ve decided to try out a new method of posting. We’ll see how it works. If not, I’ll change it.

  • GOA will have longer, hopefully more thoughtful, pieces. Back to the polemics that you can read while sitting in the bathroom. Likely a weekly post, maybe two if I can work it out.
  • Arsenal America will have pre-reports (a la Goonerdamus) on as many games as I can, so 1 to 2 posts a week. This will be perfect for the quick read on your phone or whenever you have a minute to kill.
  • Arsenal USA will have whatever they let me post occasionally.

I wish I could write more, but timing is such that, well, it gets difficult. So keep following GOA to satiate your intellectual appetites about all things Arsenal; stay tuned in to Arsenal America to follow Goonerdamus’s losing battle with that master of time and fate with Arsene Wenger; and, check out Arsenal USAfor the occasionally puff pieces permitted by the Lords of AFC.


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