Into the Looking Glass Part II: Arsene eyes a midfielder or two.

So we’re off to Pompey today.  But more funtastic is Part II of inside Arsene’s head.  Today it’s all about the midfield.  There are so many questions going on it’s difficult to get a solid read.  A DM for Song seems to be a necessity.  And injuries to Denilson and Fab raise some fears.  Diaby has started to blossom, but with his injury past, concerns remain.  Finally, Ramsey plays the constant tease, is he ready to step up?  And where is Merida??? Continue reading


Into the Looking Glass: transfer needs through Arsene’s eyes.

Fans are jonesing for a couple of purchases by Arsene this January.  We want a striker/forward, DM, CB and GK.  We view a signing in the short-term, the juice to win a title this year.  But Arsene has to look a bit above and beyond.  After all, signing a player now may work for three months, but create contract and wage bill headaches in the future.  This means anticipating future purchases requires a view in the looking glass, aka, how does Arsene view our needs?  Continue reading

Three reasons Arsene might surprise us this January.

As much as I try to live my life day to day, I can’t help but get excited about this January.  Just 72 hours from the January transfer market and even an Arsenal fan has to get excited.  Everything is coming together for the perfect storm: a crazy exciting January.  Even Arsene seems to have begun teasing the fans and the media.  But seriously, three factors are shaping up to make this January really interesting. Continue reading

Fab was King, Diaby a warrior, Song a Saint and still people whine.

8 in the morning watching a tape delay of the game at the local Gooner pub.  But it was still glorious.  At 5:30AM the pub delayed the broadcast and everyone gathered a little bit later having turned off their phones and shut off any nearby televisions.  Cheering on the team was even better given the importance of the game.  Yet still.  Still!  I read complaints about the players. Continue reading

If Arsene truly believes in Diaby then give him a chance to replace RVP.

So we have Villa up tomorrow.  And with the EPL about as open as its ever been for a while, this game is taking on grand proportions.  But for the Arsenal, this game might be more important for player development.  And by that I mean Diaby.  With Fab just 50-50 for this game and Diaby playing well these days, the Villa game is an opportunity for Arsene to play with the lineup a little.  Hopefully Arsene will cease the development of Diaby and finally just put him where he belongs, upfront. Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

It’s Christmas time.  So we’re taking off a couple of days.  But rest assured we’ll be back on the 26th!  We have the Arsene Strategy for the January transfer window coming up and our Top 5 predictions for 2010!  So check back soon.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!


Five reasons this January’s transfer market must be crazy.

Arsene and Fergie have both stated they think this January will be a quiet period.  As our island cousins say -Bollicks!  Those two are just trying to keep the market from erupting to Madrid and Mancity premiums of the summer. In fact, this January might be the biggest of all time because of last summer’s foolishness.  Real Madrid and Mancity went nutty last summer spending hordes of cash and disrupting the entire market.  ManU, Arsenal and even the Italian teams were priced out of the market.  But now, with seasons in crisis, trophies to be had and the market somewhat returning to normal -changes are a must for five reasons. Continue reading