Arsenal v. Chelsea

For us at GOA, tomorrow’s match with Chelsea is a clash of philosophies.  Here’s today’s analogy: sustainability versus reliance on petroleum.

Arsenal is the well tended garden that is ready for harvest.

Chelsea, on the other hand,  represents industry.  Abramovich has raped the earth of its treasures and then poured petro dollars (literally) into building a soviet like machine that is as ugly as it strong.  There truly is a specter in west London, but it is no longer red because the blood has been drained and all that’s left is a cynical machine, black and blue from the punishment it can withstand.

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Arsenal and Madrid, dance partners this January?

This whole RVP thing has turned into quite a storm my friends.  Just as the Arsenal were beginning to get the engine in gear, just when us we all began to believe the team was just one step away from taking the big step, RVP is out for the season.  But all is not lost.  Knowing that RVP is out for the season now is actually a blessing.  Continue reading

arsenal will win with its new midfield…

This Sunday’s game has turned into a gut check, a man-up if you will.  Half the squad is injured and can’t play. So the fates have made it easy: whomever can play, must.  And once again, opportunity knocks.  Sunday is a chance to introduce a new hero for the season.  And frankly, I can’t wait for this game.  We are about to see the birth of a new midfield partnership to turn the game inside out: Song, Fab and “Baby Face” Denilson. Continue reading

happy thanksgiving

I wish a happy thxgiving to all my American gunners.  I know we’re all wading through turkey and gravy in search of savage strikes and a clean sheet.  I also know the injuries are a source of worry.  I just want to voice the opinion that we should approach this match as clinically as we would any match.  Despite the injuries, we have depth and team understanding that is unrivaled.  Let’s rely on eboue to bail us out on D and let’s refuse to modify our formation or starting XI out of fear.  This Sunday calls for cold calculation  and not triage.  We’re going to slice the belly of Chelski open one pass at a time.  Keep the faith.

signing off,

the pundit

Victoria Concordia Crescit…

The Arsenal world is raging over the potential (impending?) Kroenke takeover.  Is he good or is he bad for the Arsenal?  More to the point, for the old home grown fans, Kroenke threatens to Amercanize Arsenal.  And lets be fair, the new world order challenges what once was and the myths of days gone by.  But these fears are based on the wrong concerns.  Kroenke represents exactly what the Arsenal need. Continue reading

the january window just got more interesting…

Bloody hell.  Three months! Three months lost because of a lower class team that can’t compete with us.  And Platini wants more smaller teams involved? This man has no sense, none whatsoever.  Why is this man in charge of anything???  Moving on!  The Liege game was a good reminder to Arsene and the rest of us: tactics matter and Denilson points the way to victory over the russian mob.  Just as important, Sunday will tell us what Arsene is going to do in the transfer window. Continue reading

say it ain’t so Fran???

With all the contract signings this past week, I think something has become clear; something I don’t want to say, but I think might be true. Indeed, something I don’t like, do not want to believe, but something I might understand.  I don’t think it’s all that good for either party; but I am resigned to it.  Merida is leaving.

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