Why is Chamakh even on the radar?

I am excited that rowley and co. are  romping about Italia in search of a star because it means they aren’t going near Bordeaux and Chamakh.

But, I’m not excited about  Chamakh.  Chamakh is like the desperate girl in the corner who could stand to lose 10 lbs.  People only want him because there’s no other action after RM flooded the market with monopoly money.  Man utd. wouldn’t give a damn if they landed benzema.  We wouldn’t give a damn if the professor weren’t so stingy and the azzurri hadn’t put a hit out on rvp.   If he were a star then somebody would of swooped.  This is NOT an Arshavin buy!

Let’s  ask ourselves the following questions about Chamakh:

1. What does he bring to the table?

There’s nothing about this pick that is bad on its face.  He’s tall(ish) (6’1″), young(ish) (25), and a frenchy (whooptyeffingdo).  But, compared to our current bench–even our current reserve squad–he sounds about as overrated as the last tango in paris.  If he were 20 or below and playing like this then I might hit the roof.  But, he’s not.

Why is anybody interested–really?

The only thing he’s got going is that he is available. I don’t care if he scored 13 goals in 34 appearances last season, but we aren’t taking putting up 13 goals in the epl.  And how much of his productivity is attributable to Gourcuff setting Chamakh up left and right? Don’t we want a striker with a little more creative quality who will dish as well as serve up goals?

2. Will we need him after rvp is back?

No.  He’s not nearly as creative on or off the ball.  He doesn’t pass nearly as well and he can’t take dead balls.  No.

3.  Is he going to add anything that we don’t already have?

I prefer using bendtner–although it feels weird saying that–or I prefer vela.  We have attacking depth.  Let’s focus on defensive  midfield depth.  Please.

4.  Should we throw our resources somewhere else?

YES!  I like Wenger’s thinking: if Vela doesn’t show up, we’ll buy a different striker if we need one by January.  If Vela does show up then we’ll pour our resources into a defensive midfielder to win that precious battle space that eletudiante is always writing about.

There will be more to say.  I’m sure.  But for now, let’s just get over Chamakh.

signing off,

the pundit


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