torn asunder

My disappointment has morphed into confusion.  We now have to contemplate how we lost at the stadium of light when we are so clearly a better team, with a deeper squad.  All I can manage to say with any certainty is that we sucked.

There were positive performances.  First, Traore played very well for a 20 year old.   It’s true that he was in part responsible for not properly marking Bent when the Sunderland striker poached the only game of the goal, but he impressed nonetheless.  Second, Song was fantastic: strong on the ball and imposing on defense, he showed more quality than the entire team combined.

However, there were many negative performances.  First, Eduardo.  I don’t want to berate the striker because I think he is a poacher and he was forced to play out of position, but his failure to create anything from the top of the box did not go unnoticed.  He might have penned a long term contract, but I’m not so sure he’s worth the money.  At least, he’s not the answer to our immediate problem.  Second, Ramsey was terrible.  I, like so many other gunners, had high hopes for him after strong showings at both Wolves and with Wales.  But, strong showings asides, he missed an opportunity to steal a spot in the starting XI.  I could similarly comment on Rosicky and Sagna, but what’s the point.  We lost when we needed to win.

Next week we host Chelsea.  I watched them demolish the Wolves this weekend and I felt a sense of dread.  I know we play beautiful football and I know we can score incredible goals.  But that’s not enough.  If we want to step up this season we have to win away games against mid-tier teams.  There’s no excuse.

Here’s my line-up for Chelsea:


sagna, gallas, verm., gibbs

eboue, fab, song

rosicky/vela, eduardo, arshavin

Arshavin, although he appears lazy right now, lights up opponents in big games.  Rosicky hasn’t stepped up recently, but vela rarely ever shows up–pick your flavor.  As for Eboue, I believe he is more consistent than nasri in that he gets back on d and he’s got crazy pace.  Also, I’m starting to think that eboue might be the man, until january, to fall in line and link up song with fab.  He has the balance of physicality and quality of Song, but he’s got more pace to close down on our third on defense and run the counter attack.  Suggestions are welcome.


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  1. Mr Wenger summed it up. You have to be consistent if you want to be Champions. Arsenal showed a lack of passion In every department whereas Sunderland fought hard throughout the game.

    There are no easy games in the Premier it requires 100% from every player and we got less than 80% on Saturday.

    On Sunday the Gunners have a golden opportunity to show that they have the passion to be champions, this will be a real test. If they win they will then need to focus on maintaining this passion through to the last game of the season. The fans know they are capable we need the players to believe also.

    Stop licking the wounds and get focused upon getting back to winning ways!

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