Walcott quits the Mousekeeters; Rosicky retires; Gooners get a man-crush and a terrifying rodent joins the squad

There’s a lot going on following the game against Blackpool. First, we had the Walcott show. Then Rosicky announces his retirement…from forward to central midfielder. Song has become a mainstay on Tiger Beat magazine for Gooner fans. And, oh yeah, we picked up another central defender: a squirrel with a vicious streak a mile wide.
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To buy or not to buy: Arsene has a defensive midfielder conundrum

Only six weeks from the start of the season and Arsenal’s squad for next season is starting to take shape. There are still a few holes here and there that we should expect will be filled up in the next two weeks: goal keeper (please please Frey!) and maybe another CB or DM. But Arsene has a potential twist in finalizing the defensive midfielder position.  Continue reading

There’s only One Song and he’s gone. Arsene must win this game with tactics

Arrrrrrgh. I’m a positive person by nature, glass half full and all that. And I truly was looking forward to the match at Nou Camp tomorrow. Fear of no one. But I have to say, even my optimism took a hit when I heard Song would miss the barca game. One of my favorite players, Song has been a rock for us all season. The only positive I can find, is that the loss of Song might force Arsene to change his approach to this game. Absent our One Song, we will now be asking less to do more. Forget men against boys: we need Arsene to win this game through management and tactics. The beautiful game is secondary. Continue reading

What to do with Walcott

The issue with Walcott is that he doesn’t fit the Arsenal mold.  I used to rue this fact because he looked like a bad apple among a prime pick.  Bendtner falls into this same category.  He’s big and gangly and does not play with the pace or panache that the Arsenal have grown accustomed to.  However, both Bendtner and Walcott are effective when played correctly. Continue reading

Diaby can cover Song. But Arsene needs to buy in case Song gets hurt.

So Diaby is to replace Song.  I’m okay with this, for a few games.  But the real concern is if Song gets hurt.  It’s pretty apparent that Song has become a backbone of the team alongside Fab.  Quiet but consistent, Saint Song has carried the back line and lately served as a feeder for the goals.  So while Diaby can cover for a minute, any injury to Song is terribly dangerous. Continue reading

Into the Looking Glass Part II: Arsene eyes a midfielder or two.

So we’re off to Pompey today.  But more funtastic is Part II of inside Arsene’s head.  Today it’s all about the midfield.  There are so many questions going on it’s difficult to get a solid read.  A DM for Song seems to be a necessity.  And injuries to Denilson and Fab raise some fears.  Diaby has started to blossom, but with his injury past, concerns remain.  Finally, Ramsey plays the constant tease, is he ready to step up?  And where is Merida??? Continue reading

Fab was King, Diaby a warrior, Song a Saint and still people whine.

8 in the morning watching a tape delay of the game at the local Gooner pub.  But it was still glorious.  At 5:30AM the pub delayed the broadcast and everyone gathered a little bit later having turned off their phones and shut off any nearby televisions.  Cheering on the team was even better given the importance of the game.  Yet still.  Still!  I read complaints about the players. Continue reading