Ramsey’s injury is the fault of the greedy and incompetent FA

I’m angry.  Really angry.  Ramsey is just a kid.  His career is threatened and I really feel bad for him.  What’s really pissing me off is that we could foresee Ramsey’s injury happening to an Arsenal player this season.  And the fault entirely rests on the FA and the refs.  This wasn’t a case of Shawcross behaving badly, this was the culmination of xenophobia combined with the cult of the profit that has allowed horrid officiating to continue in the EPL.  And now we have a young man who’s career might never be the same because of hate, ineptitude and greed. Continue reading


The UEFA financial report is overblown; the G14 will be back; and, prepare yourself for a super league.

A new report by UEFA demonstrates the precarious debt situation of the EPL.  English Clubs hold 56% of the debt of European Clubs.  Here’s my response: meh.  These numbers make great headlines, but one glance deeper into the numbers demonstrates that individual Clubs don’t have any issues; the problem is for the EPL.  The big Clubs have leveraged their value, increased their revenue and acquired more debt, but they are also being forced to carry smaller clubs.  Something’s gotta give.  This means there will be an inevitable push to shed the limitations of the local domestic leagues, yes, like the EPL, to form a bigger, more wealthy super league. Continue reading

Fabulous Fab, uncertainty and the heir apparent.

An ugly shadow haunts our hallowed pitch: we aren’t sure if Fab will stay with us.  Our team is built on Fab; and, to be sure, Fab hasn’t said anything to unsettle us.  But one always has this dread that Fab might leave, especially if the offer is ridiculously big enough.  This uncertainty clouds our play.  Luckily, we have an heir apparent and future talisman.  More important, he gives us identity.

Continue reading

A plea to change the system.

Champions League Game time!!! And we have a crazy amount of injuries, but you know what, so what?  We’ve become accustomed to this by now.  But this game is a chance for Arsene to switch up our system in mid-season.  With RVP, Arshavin, Eduardo, Almunia and Song out, the Porto game is a great chance to implement a new kind of football under the guise of injury.  Drop the 4-3-3 Arsene and lets go 4-4-2. Continue reading

Silverware Versus Silver

This post discusses the double-edged sword that is Arsenal’s consistent success in breaking into the top four.  GOA’s view is as follows: we expect to be in the champion’s league, but we’re not surprised when we lose.  This mentality reflects on the club’s (including its fans’) lack of a killer instinct required to lift European silverware.  To put it simply: the Arsenal are used to silver, but we shy away from demanding that our club acquire silverware.   Continue reading

Arsene: we can’t splash the cash. So change the system and ship people out.

Arsene finally said it.  Point blank, flat out, Arsenal cannot afford big names.  So as much as we might wish we could afford to “splash the cash,” it just ain’t gonna happen.  That means this summer Arsene must significantly adjust our system.  Not to look too far ahead, but I’m laying out a two-prong strategy for the summer, now. Continue reading

It’s Final–Wenger needs to Retool

All the Saints are marching, but the Gunners are low on gun powder.  As Americans, Sunday’s Superbowl injected the free world’s psyche with a dizzying array of underdog heroism.  But for Gooners, Sunday proved the critics right. Yesterday’s lackluster display at Stamford Bridge serves as a reminder that the professor needs to call upon his football acumen and engage in some serious retooling.   Continue reading