Arsenal v. Chelsea

For us at GOA, tomorrow’s match with Chelsea is a clash of philosophies.  Here’s today’s analogy: sustainability versus reliance on petroleum.

Arsenal is the well tended garden that is ready for harvest.

Chelsea, on the other hand,  represents industry.  Abramovich has raped the earth of its treasures and then poured petro dollars (literally) into building a soviet like machine that is as ugly as it strong.  There truly is a specter in west London, but it is no longer red because the blood has been drained and all that’s left is a cynical machine, black and blue from the punishment it can withstand.

The analogy doesn’t stop there.  Our talent is homegrown. With a  green thumb and an appreciation of science, Wenger has produced a productive, beautiful, and profitable club. Chelsea’s club is purchased.  Chelsea’s so called “academy” includes talents such as kakuta and matic, but these youngsters will have to face a vicious hierarchy to find consistent play.  Our academy features ramsey, denilson, and walcott while starlets such as merida, wilshere, simpson and others are on the verge of either bearing fruit at Arsenal or being plucked for a pretty penny.

Put another way: Arsenal represents tomorrow and Chelsea represents yesterday.  If we slaughter them with our brand of football then I believe we will send shockwaves through the epl and the january transfer market.  Targets will look at us differently.  Naysayers will shut up, and then look at us differently.  Rather than mourning the loss of rvp, we’ll rejoice when he celebrates on crutches.  Tomorrow is Arsenal.  See you then.

signing off,

the pundit


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