Walcott quits the Mousekeeters; Rosicky retires; Gooners get a man-crush and a terrifying rodent joins the squad

There’s a lot going on following the game against Blackpool. First, we had the Walcott show. Then Rosicky announces his retirement…from forward to central midfielder. Song has become a mainstay on Tiger Beat magazine for Gooner fans. And, oh yeah, we picked up another central defender: a squirrel with a vicious streak a mile wide.
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How to fix Arsenal’s summer transfer marketing debacle

Arsene’s transfer antics have always been shrouded in a mystery novel of his own creation. But after five years the lack of a trophy has turned the author into an increasingly polarizing figure. Should he stay or should he go? This is becoming a publicity and marketing issue. The answer, however, rests in communication, not purchases. If Arsene respects the fans a little bit more, he might not even have to make a big purchase.  Continue reading

To buy or not to buy: Arsene has a defensive midfielder conundrum

Only six weeks from the start of the season and Arsenal’s squad for next season is starting to take shape. There are still a few holes here and there that we should expect will be filled up in the next two weeks: goal keeper (please please Frey!) and maybe another CB or DM. But Arsene has a potential twist in finalizing the defensive midfielder position.  Continue reading

If Fab doesn’t leave now; barca won’t be able to buy him next summer

Fab better get right and get right soon. If he wants to leave for barca he needs to force it through now. Because the way the Catalan club is falling apart these days, they won’t be able to afford him next year. Between mismanagement of talent and resources, barca is facing a bleak period in its coming future. Acquiring Fab should have been the Spanish club’s number 1 priority these last two years; not Ibra and not Villa. Now their attempts smack of desperation and hint at the potential decline of the empire. For Fab though, it means if he doesn’t force a transfer through now, he might be in North London for a long-while yet. Continue reading

Arsene’s Problem Child: buying Eduardo is the key to the transfer season

Arsene is facing a big decision, one that might have a huge effect on Arsenal. A great conflict between his competing philosophies of developing youth and finding bargains. Although the fate of the free world doesn’t rest on his decision, Arsenal’s defense next year just might.  Continue reading

Arsene pulls another fast one. Why Koscienly is a good buy for the Arsenal

Just a quick bit in preparation for this week’s impending announcement. The blogosphere is a mess about the up coming Koscienly transfer. Jumping ahead of the official announcement, I’ll say it: Koscienly is a good buy for Arsenal. Continue reading

barca’s tapping up might keep Fab at Arsenal

A few weeks ago I would have bet money that Fab was leaving for barca this summer. And if not this summer, then this was to be his Ronaldo season (swan song) and he was gone for sure next summer. But then barca started acting like, well barca. Laporta & Co. seem to be  trying as hard as they can to keep Fab at Arsenal. Any semblance of class, let alone respect for Fab has gone out the window. Arsenal can handle ourselves; we’re a big Club. But if barca keep this up, by the end of the World Cup, hopefully Fab will realize that home isn’t always where one is born. Continue reading