Arsene pulls another fast one. Why Koscienly is a good buy for the Arsenal

Just a quick bit in preparation for this week’s impending announcement. The blogosphere is a mess about the up coming Koscienly transfer. Jumping ahead of the official announcement, I’ll say it: Koscienly is a good buy for Arsenal. Continue reading


barca’s tapping up might keep Fab at Arsenal

A few weeks ago I would have bet money that Fab was leaving for barca this summer. And if not this summer, then this was to be his Ronaldo season (swan song) and he was gone for sure next summer. But then barca started acting like, well barca. Laporta & Co. seem to be  trying as hard as they can to keep Fab at Arsenal. Any semblance of class, let alone respect for Fab has gone out the window. Arsenal can handle ourselves; we’re a big Club. But if barca keep this up, by the end of the World Cup, hopefully Fab will realize that home isn’t always where one is born. Continue reading

Smoke and Mirrors: Arsene is up to something

Blogging, sometimes it ain’t easy; especially not during a quiet transfer season and the World Cup. Most blogs out hanging on to any transfer crumbs that comes their way. But fair play, I’ve started a half a dozen posts to no avail, but end up giving up. Until recently. I’m not buying what Arsene’s selling. Monsignor is up to something. Continue reading

RVP is the true captain now; Fab’s time is over

Ready or not, we’re getting an almost entirely new team next year: a substantial influx of new players and a new identity. But no matter what happens, this team next year will be RVP’s, not Fab’s. With Fab’s flirtatious, if not obsessive, eyes cast south, RVP is taking the chance to stamp his identity on the Club and solidify his status as an Arsenal Legend in a way Fab never will be able to after this summer.

We all learned a lot last summer when we lost Toure and he who shall not be named. Team chemistry increased threefold. People were so giddy they couldn’t even hide the fact that team was actually speaking to each other. Gallas, previously not speaking to half the team, now is only ignored by a select few -five according to Nasri. But just when things started to settle, the chaos began again this summer.

With Fab’s amorous glances back home, Gunner Nation has gone through an identity crisis of sorts. We gave him his opportunity, our support, the captain band, more money…but it just wasn’t enough. Fab wants to leave. Our courageous captain rejected us; so it’s no surprise Gunner Nation is living in a roller-coaster of a summer transfer window.

Then along came a voice. It was understated, but assured. Clear and calm, RVP sent out a call, not just to his fellow players, but to Gunner Nation and the world. RVP staked his claim as the team leader next year. More importantly, he’s giving us a new identity built on loyalty, commitment and quality. With a World Cup anticipating his explosion onto the scene with full fitness and rest, RVP provides not just hope, but a hint at what’s to come.

RVP announced his loyalty to the Club and Manager that have stood behind him, nurtured him and offered him an enjoyable career. He did what Fab refused to do: he claimed us.  He appreciated that legendary status is often a once in a lifetime shot and he’s going to take it.

Now, even if Fab should per chance stay next year, he will never be the true captain again, even if wears the armband; at least, he won’t in the hearts of the team and fans. Just like Gallas lost the players with his break down. Fab lost the fans with his refusal to return the loyalty he received. And don’t think he didn’t lose the players as well. He also lost the chance to be a true legend should he stay. Sure, it’s possible he can become one at barca, but good luck competing for that status against the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, and oh yeah, Messi.

We knew that we missed RVP last term after his injury, but Gunner Nation is accustomed to his injuries and didn’t even blink. As the season wore on though, we realized that we missed his clinical finishing. But more importantly, watching him on the field, we missed his leadership. Fab did a fantastic job, but this summer’s chaos has proven who leads us: Robin Van Persie. I’m following and so should you.

Bleed’m dry Ivan! Arsenal begin negotiations to sell Fab

Arsenal released an announcement that it turned down an offer for Fab and the Gunner Universe goes mad with joy. One friend said to me (essentially) “Oh, wow looks like Fab isn’t leaving.” Huh? What? No, that release simply said we’re going to make barca pay in blood for Fab. It’s not for nothing that members of the barca elite are claiming that a move will still happen; or, rumors persist that Fab is trying to engineer a move on his own. Of course we have no intent to sell him, but we are willing to sell him and barca knows this too. Continue reading

Erik Larsen and the Gunning Hawk are wrong. Fab, sadly, must go.

Erik Larsen wrote a well written post on the Gunning Hawk today that’s fantastic. Written by a fellow American Gooner, it extols all of the reasons Fab should stay at Arsenal in a  clear, uncompromising, well thought out piece based on the simple principle, if I may oversimplify, “of manning up.” So it saddens me to say this. With all respect, the post is wrong. Fab must go. In fact, Fab must go because of the very reasons Mr. Larsen points out. Continue reading