Why Kroenke might sell his Arsenal shares

That’s right, just before our big Derby match, the Board decides to go off the deep end. Prepare yourselves my fellow Gooners this summer is going to be a roller coaster. Lady Bracewell-Smith made her play, hoping to cash in on Kroenke. But no. Kroenke turns the tables and upends Arsenal and the NFL (maybe even the NBA, but that’s a whole other story). How? Because he announces that he wants to buy the St. Louis Rams. Sadly this decision illustrates why Silent Sam is a good businessman, just what we need; so his potential movement away from Arsenal is bad for the Club. Continue reading


Bracewell’s error: will Arsenal be like manciteh now?

Just when everyone was settled into a quiet week before the Derby, Lady Bracewell-Smith spiced things up. Not only is she looking to sell, but she might be looking to sell to an outsider. It was no accident she made this announcement today or contracted with Blackstone to advise her. The Lady made a strategic move to undermine Kroenke in order to keep the status quo. But she may have caused more harm and threatened the future of our Club. Continue reading

Dear Arsenal (Tom Fox!), Please don’t forget your cousins across the pond.

Dear Arsenal,

“How do I love thee?  Yet you spurn my amorous glances and love as if I carry about me a foul and unpleasant odor.”  Such is the opening line American supporters of Arsenal might write to Arsenal.  With the potential to have millions of fans in the US, yes millions, and the dollars that go along with them, Arsenal needs to do more to cultivate the support on this side of the Atlantic.  I’m talking to you Tom Fox.  And, I’ve got a few ideas and they all start with Arsenal America. Continue reading