As the Arsenal Turns: thanks to B*rc* Fab is no longer the real captain, but that’s good

It's not easy being El Capitan

This season’s soap opera is already unfolding before our eyes. And true to a quality telenovela, it will be daily, dramatic and emotional for those involved and those watching. Fab is facing a loss of esteem by his own creation. It’s a hard lesson for one so used to being loved. But the race is on to replace Fab as the face of Arsenal and it has all the makings of a fun year long drama. And football fans love nothing more than a good telenovela. Continue reading


Messi masks Arsene’s Arrogance

Much will be made of barca, or rather Messi’s quality after this game. But make no mistake, this game was lost by Arsene. We could have won. This was not barca’s master class. It was nothing more than the epitome of managerial arrogance. There are times a manager must forgo philosophy; he must settle into the storm of reality and right the ship. Arsene did none of this. Instead he left his players floundering and asked more than he gave. He used an inexplicable strategy that led to a predictable failure. Continue reading

Nasri and Diaby: the sum is greater than the parts

This game comes down to Nasri and Diaby playing their way. Unlike the first match, this one looks to be more physical, less pretty and more like an EPL match. Don’t misunderstand me, this won’t be a Bolton v. Stock City matchup -the players won’t be out to put on the pain. But it will be faster paced, less passing, more dibbling and harder tackling. Continue reading

What to do with Walcott

The issue with Walcott is that he doesn’t fit the Arsenal mold.  I used to rue this fact because he looked like a bad apple among a prime pick.  Bendtner falls into this same category.  He’s big and gangly and does not play with the pace or panache that the Arsenal have grown accustomed to.  However, both Bendtner and Walcott are effective when played correctly. Continue reading


We can win this match if we play like we did in the second leg against Porto.  And I believe we will.  Why? Well I’m glad you asked.  Continue reading

Silverware now depends on Diaby. Yes, Diaby.

I want to take this moment to stand and applaud Diaby.  There is a strength of our team hidden amongst the flowing game and Diaby is one of the few at the core of it.  Everyone looks to Fabulous Fab as the team leader, but the heart and soul of the team are emerging from a rapidly maturing set of players: Diaby, Song and Nasri.  And, as we hit crunch time, Diaby is the key the silver. Continue reading

Porto, what’s not being talked about. Nasri and Diaby, Eboue and Bendtner, and Walcott’s new video game persona

The Porto game was wonderful to behold.  Did you see Arsene dancing around?  I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the second half.  Yeah sure, I wanted the third goal to ice the game, but I felt confident after the first half that the game was ours.  That’s not usual for a gooner, but we have to start believing someday.  There’s a lot to talk about this game, and the blogosphere will be rampant with cheer.  Thank goodness.  As for me, there are few things some people are not likely to talk about that I think are important: Nasri and Diaby, Ebuoe and Bendtner, and Walcott’s video game persona. Continue reading

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