As the Arsenal Turns: thanks to B*rc* Fab is no longer the real captain, but that’s good

It's not easy being El Capitan

This season’s soap opera is already unfolding before our eyes. And true to a quality telenovela, it will be daily, dramatic and emotional for those involved and those watching. Fab is facing a loss of esteem by his own creation. It’s a hard lesson for one so used to being loved. But the race is on to replace Fab as the face of Arsenal and it has all the makings of a fun year long drama. And football fans love nothing more than a good telenovela. Continue reading


Walcott quits the Mousekeeters; Rosicky retires; Gooners get a man-crush and a terrifying rodent joins the squad

There’s a lot going on following the game against Blackpool. First, we had the Walcott show. Then Rosicky announces his retirement…from forward to central midfielder. Song has become a mainstay on Tiger Beat magazine for Gooner fans. And, oh yeah, we picked up another central defender: a squirrel with a vicious streak a mile wide.
Continue reading

Fabregas is no longer captain of the squad

No matter what the Fab apologists might say, the damage is done. The unending, enduring and voluminous noises made out of of barca have had an effect on Fab. Mostly though, because of Fab’s reluctance to put an end to it. Regardless, every action has a reaction; and in this case, it’s time for Arsene to strip Fab of the armband. Fab is no longer the captain of the squad, at least not in spirit. Fans know this, players know this, and even Fab knows it. For the sake of the Club it’s time to give the armband to its rightful owner: Vermaelen. Continue reading

Arsenal’s savior: it’s Nasri’s time to take over Arsenal

Watching Nasri this preseason I can’t hep but think Nasri senses that his moment is now. Only two games and three weeks into preseason, but one can sense something is afoot in the french tasmanian devil. For all of this summer’s talk about Fab, GOA is going on record to say that this will be Nasri’s breakout season. Too often playing second fiddle combined with failing to make an impression when given an opportunity last season, the stars are aligned for the frenchie from Marseille. Besides this goaland this goal, here are five reasons why: Continue reading

For those still on the fence about Fab

I don’t care if they did win. It’s disrespectful. It also shows how much influence the other players have over him that they can do this to the captain of Arsenal.

How can we win and attract other players if this is how our captain is treated and reacts?

barca’s tapping up might keep Fab at Arsenal

A few weeks ago I would have bet money that Fab was leaving for barca this summer. And if not this summer, then this was to be his Ronaldo season (swan song) and he was gone for sure next summer. But then barca started acting like, well barca. Laporta & Co. seem to be  trying as hard as they can to keep Fab at Arsenal. Any semblance of class, let alone respect for Fab has gone out the window. Arsenal can handle ourselves; we’re a big Club. But if barca keep this up, by the end of the World Cup, hopefully Fab will realize that home isn’t always where one is born. Continue reading

Smoke and Mirrors: Arsene is up to something

Blogging, sometimes it ain’t easy; especially not during a quiet transfer season and the World Cup. Most blogs out hanging on to any transfer crumbs that comes their way. But fair play, I’ve started a half a dozen posts to no avail, but end up giving up. Until recently. I’m not buying what Arsene’s selling. Monsignor is up to something. Continue reading

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