Why Arsene might buy a 30 year-old goal keeper…

So I’ve been thinking about the goal keeper situation. And while it’s easy to say that a change needs to be made, there are some big decisions underneath that will impact the team. Sure, Almunia can leave, but we have a congestion problem with our other keepers. Arsene will need to make not one, but several big decisions and depending how risky he wants to get, we might just get a 30+ year-old goal keeper. 

It looks like everyone’s favorite platinum blonde Spanish goal keeper is gone. But it also looks like Fabianski (25), Mannone (22), Szczesny (20) are all here to stay. So Arsene has a bit of a conundrum. Basically, if he brings in a goal keeper that is around the age of 25 he creates a situation where he might lose both Fabianski and Mannone. That makes Szczesny our number two.

As great as Szczesny’s potential seems to be, I’m not sure I, or Arsene, want him as the number two quite yet.

Mannone has proven his worth as a second string keeper, he just needs more game time. He’s not ready to be number one, but he earned a chance to be number two this year. I think many Arsenal fans would be okay if he was our number two; assuming he was getting regular play time in the FA Cup and Carling Cup.

Fabianski poses a bigger challenge. At 25 he wants, naturally, to start pushing for a starting spot. And with Almunia leaving, he’s next in line. But if Arsene buys a new keeper that’s the same age as Fabianski, he’s out, at least from a mental perspective. A Lloris or Akinfeev or Neur is not going to give up their spot, that’s why a club pays the big money for them.

This means Arsene might be looking at an older keeper. One that can keep his development pipeline in tact. An established 30 year old keeper, a Buffon type looking to finish his career with champions league play, where his experience would be welcome.  This type of move would allow Arsene to keep Fabianski, as well as Mannone and Szczesny all in step.

I don’t know if it will happen, but it just sounds like something Arsene would do, doesn’t it? Pick up a cheap veteran and maintain Arsenal’s youth pipeline. I don’t know if Arsene will do it, but just imagine if Arsene can swoop for an established keeper somewhere for cheap and spend that money somewhere else. Two signings for next to nothing, with money to spare.

I’m suspicious.

-the student


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