Arsenal’s savior: it’s Nasri’s time to take over Arsenal

Watching Nasri this preseason I can’t hep but think Nasri senses that his moment is now. Only two games and three weeks into preseason, but one can sense something is afoot in the french tasmanian devil. For all of this summer’s talk about Fab, GOA is going on record to say that this will be Nasri’s breakout season. Too often playing second fiddle combined with failing to make an impression when given an opportunity last season, the stars are aligned for the frenchie from Marseille. Besides this goaland this goal, here are five reasons why: Continue reading


Four reasons Gallas will stay at Arsenal

It sounds crazy to say Gallas will be back next season: with his up and down temperament, locker room conflicts, the French World Cup debacle and downright obstinate nature. Oh yeah, also his age and injuries might have to be taken into account as well. But still, Gallas may return to the Arsenal family and honestly this might be best for both Gallas and Arsenal. Here are four reasons why. Continue reading

A new look team: Arsenal might lose 10 players this summer

With all of the attention focused on the players Arsene might bring in, the players that might be leaving are pretty interesting as well. Five players alone will be free to transfer come Monday; two are already gone, two are likely to leave, and the fifth may retire. This means Arsenal will have gaping holes that our reserves simply can’t cover and our loanees don’t look ready to cover. No matter what, Arsenal will have a new look next year. Continue reading

Tricky Arsene stringing along Gallas negotiations

With Silvestre and Senderos out, Johann recovering, Sol pushing the century mark and Gallas without a contract, the physical and psychological underpinnings of the Arsenal defense are in tatters. Arsene knows this and is shopping for a new central defender. But to get what, or who, he really wants, he’s extending the Gallas contact negotiations until he gets what he wants. That’s why he hasn’t signed Gallas and that’s why he stopped all contract extension negotiations across the board. Continue reading

I believe, the players believe and so should you: the Barca game was a success

Normally I don’t care about “moral” victories. But the barca game might just qualify. Yes barca was better, yes we lost Fab and Gallas. But the facts are, (1) we did not play our best, but didn’t lose, (2) we did not give up, and (3) we gutted out a draw. These are the games we need to go to the next level. Momentum is on our side because our players now know they can play with and beat barca. They believe and so should you. Continue reading

W Stands for Whew

It’s full-time, thankfully.  I was going to post about the barca quarter-final tie.  But a certain idiot referee may have just handicapped our EPL season.  Alumnia’s save aside, the red card was a disaster.  Vermaelen’s play was sound and there should never have been a call.  But there was a call.  We all know the centreback situation was already at critical mass with Gallas’ interminable calf injury.  This additional hurdle is wholly unnecessary and may prove disasterous.  Continue reading

The “what if” Gallas leaves idea is gaining steam.

The most fun is playing the game.  After that, watching players much better than you playing the game correctly.  Love of the Club permeates everything of course.  But for us armchair managers the fantasy game keeps us going through these dull times.  You know, “the what if?” game.  What if Melo was on Arsenal? Or, what if Fab leaves these summer?  Since I already think my opinions matter enough to post -Arsene is a regular reader of course – I love what ifs?  Today’s “what if?” is actually based in reality: “what if Arsenal don’t re-sign Gallas?” Continue reading