Arsene is right; the EPL should stop trying to sacrifice virgins

"Really, it's this big!"

Watching Arsene battle with the English press and culture about protecting players sounds like someone trying to explain to a Hollywood movie tribe that sacrificing a virgin will not make it rain. The response by a bunch of second rate managers is stupefying. Their defense is classic, if absurd: “[soccer] is a contact sport.” Sounds like: “If burn her, rain come.” Or in reality, the EPL must sacrifice a player’s career, ideally a young one, to appease the football gods. This is life. This is the law. There is no other truth. Since when did the EPL become a cult? And why is England putting up with this nonsense?

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Spurs Beat the Gunners in the North London Derby

It feels like yesterday when we put the spuds in their place.  But, these are different times.  Today we lost.  Tomorrow we wake up to another disappointing season.  Continue reading

Arsenal’s Achilles Heel?

St. Andrews.  Birmingham.  Hong Kong millionaire and ugly kits.   Eduardo’s unspeakable injury.  Two fatal draws.  These are some of my least favorite things.  BUT, I’m not disappointed in the players’  performances.  In fact, I am impressed.  After a lackluster opening half, we opened them up.  90 minute goals happen.  But, we have to take away  a gutful performance that showed our teams title aspirations–even if these aspirations don’t manifest in this year’s domestic campaign.  Continue reading

Take a risk Arsene, buy a veteran that can’t play in the CL.

Melo on the cheap?  Now wouldn’t that be an interesting situation.  FourFourTwo is juicing the rumor mill that Melo might be on his way out in January.  Wouldn’t it be funny if the Arsenal, ended up purchasing Melo in January?  I mean it won’t happen, too many reasons not to, but I started wondering.  What if?  What if Arsene decided, forget the C-League.  Lets go for the domestic cup.  We’re top four already and any player we bring in can play. Continue reading

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