Spurs Beat the Gunners in the North London Derby

It feels like yesterday when we put the spuds in their place.  But, these are different times.  Today we lost.  Tomorrow we wake up to another disappointing season.  First, here’s a candid diagnosis: we lost because Nasri and Diaby are not good enough.  They don’t stick passes and they don’t create.  Our back line may be in shambles but sol and sylvestre didn’t lose this match.  Nasri and Diaby lost the match.  They relied too heavily on the wings, they didn’t play in enough forward balls, and they didn’t threaten the opposing goal.  These two midfielders’ second consecutive failure to create any real threat is a gross disappointment.   I had such high hopes for Nasri and Diaby as a core duo who could lead this team to success, but they didn’t seize the moment in the absence of our starters.  It is utterly apparent that we need Fab.

Second, here’s the bright spot to a dismal match: RVP is back.  He changed the momentum of the match the moment he stepped onto the field.  I forgot how badly we missed him this season.  If it weren’t for incredible goal keeping by Gomes, RVP would of won this match in the span of fifteen minutes.  He is a superstar and I must admit that he deserves more credit.

Third, this loss signals that we are hitting the transfer market.  If it weren’t clear before then it is sure as hell crystal clear now because today changed everything.  We can’t afford to sell Fab because Nasri doesn’t pass with quality.   We have to find alternative wing men because Rosicky and Walcott suck.  Let’s get some wingers who can break down the touchline AND cross the ball.   Also, our bench is currently three defenders short.  We lose too much sleep over Vermaelen, Song, and Gallas’ health.  Moreover, we need a new holding midfielder.  Denilson won’t cut it and Song is better when he stays back.  In addition, we need at least one extra striker.  Eduardo is a lost cause, Bendtner is a substitute, Arshavin is better fit to cut in from the left wing, and we can’t afford to rely solely on RVP.  Last, but not least, we need a goalkeeper who isn’t afraid to put his body on the line.

Fourth, we need to accept that we aren’t a team that crosses the ball.  Not only can’t we cross, but Bendtner and Diaby can’t consistently head the ball.  Chamakh may add another aerial threat, but we do so much better when we cut into the middle.  We are unstoppable on the attacking third when we have Arshavin, Fab, and RVP all cutting inside and looking for a top of the box pass.  All we need is that added predator roaming in the middle of the fray to clean up sloppy seconds.

In conclusion, I praise RVP for his swift recovery to form, but I pray that Wenger et al loosens the purse strings.  Let’s just hope our stars can survive the world cup without long term injuries, and let’s call on Wenger to look to the market to plug the holes in our squad.

the pundit


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