Four reasons Gallas will stay at Arsenal

It sounds crazy to say Gallas will be back next season: with his up and down temperament, locker room conflicts, the French World Cup debacle and downright obstinate nature. Oh yeah, also his age and injuries might have to be taken into account as well. But still, Gallas may return to the Arsenal family and honestly this might be best for both Gallas and Arsenal. Here are four reasons why.

Gallas has always been a pivotal figure for Arsenal. He came over during the infamous Cole incident; had a breakdown during one of the most traumatizing moments in Gunner history; drove Kolo from the squad; and, to this day doesn’t speak with some members of the squad. That said, all of the players are Divas so take that with a grain of salt.

Yet still, Gallas has yet to sign with another team and Arsene has left a contract on the table for him to sign.

I don’t know what will happen, I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if Gallas does not sign with another club by July 31 and returns to Arsenal.

1. Gallas has been humbled. It’s almost funny to say Gallas might be humbled. Okay, it is funny. But the reality is Gallas has had a rough couple of months. He wants more money, but Arsene called his bluff. Then, he tried to jump ship; but found nobody wanted him at the wages he thinks he deserves. On top of all that, the World Cup disaster means a return to France, although possible, is not the most welcoming idea.

By contrast, Arsenal provides stability, home, continuity and Champions League play. Sure Gallas might not get the payoff he wants -unless Arsenal take some trophies and incentives kick into play -but Arsenal provides a certain safety. Gallas knows he’ll play at the highest level and have a chance to win. And say what you want, but Gallas does want to win; that’s never been an issue with him, just his antics.

2. Gallas’s Experience is Good for Arsenal. Gallas is 32 and has experience in the EPL, Champions League and yes, even the French National Team. My point: if experience is what we need, he’s go it and is already part of the squad. With Koscienly’s arrival, we now have more rotation and support. But everyone, including Koscienly himself, knows he needs some time to acclimate to the EPL. With Gallas to start the season and Koscienly to provide relief, Gallas can be rested for the Champions League, where games are do or die and his relationship from Vermaelen is most necessary. Speaking of which…

3. Gallas’s Relationship with Vermaelen is Good for Arsenal. Despite all of Gallas’s issues, nobody disagrees that he and Vermaelen formed an instant partnership in the backfield. They played nearly the entire season together. Perhaps most importantly, they got along well, at least on the pitch. And frankly, we only care that they get along on the pitch. Continuing this type of relationship is important for the continuity of the defense and maturity. Together again, they can provide a strong bedrock, especially if they finally have some rotational cover, a la Djourou and Koscienly; and, the offense starts scoring goals again

4. Gallas is cheap for Arsenal. If Arsene can keep Gallas, he’ll save around £8m. Two years of Gallas gives Arsene a solid defense and enough time to develop young talent, like Bartley, who will be 21 in two years and have a sustained loan playing on the first team. Just as important though for us fans, that money can be reinvested in the club somewhere else. Think a new goal keeper or the winter transfer window when we’ll need someone because of injuries (hopefully not, but well, yeah).


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