As the Arsenal Turns: thanks to B*rc* Fab is no longer the real captain, but that’s good

It's not easy being El Capitan

This season’s soap opera is already unfolding before our eyes. And true to a quality telenovela, it will be daily, dramatic and emotional for those involved and those watching. Fab is facing a loss of esteem by his own creation. It’s a hard lesson for one so used to being loved. But the race is on to replace Fab as the face of Arsenal and it has all the makings of a fun year long drama. And football fans love nothing more than a good telenovela. Continue reading


Fabregas is no longer captain of the squad

No matter what the Fab apologists might say, the damage is done. The unending, enduring and voluminous noises made out of of barca have had an effect on Fab. Mostly though, because of Fab’s reluctance to put an end to it. Regardless, every action has a reaction; and in this case, it’s time for Arsene to strip Fab of the armband. Fab is no longer the captain of the squad, at least not in spirit. Fans know this, players know this, and even Fab knows it. For the sake of the Club it’s time to give the armband to its rightful owner: Vermaelen. Continue reading

W Stands for Whew

It’s full-time, thankfully.  I was going to post about the barca quarter-final tie.  But a certain idiot referee may have just handicapped our EPL season.  Alumnia’s save aside, the red card was a disaster.  Vermaelen’s play was sound and there should never have been a call.  But there was a call.  We all know the centreback situation was already at critical mass with Gallas’ interminable calf injury.  This additional hurdle is wholly unnecessary and may prove disasterous.  Continue reading

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