A new look team: Arsenal might lose 10 players this summer

With all of the attention focused on the players Arsene might bring in, the players that might be leaving are pretty interesting as well. Five players alone will be free to transfer come Monday; two are already gone, two are likely to leave, and the fifth may retire. This means Arsenal will have gaping holes that our reserves simply can’t cover and our loanees don’t look ready to cover. No matter what, Arsenal will have a new look next year. Continue reading


Three reasons picking up Sol makes more sense than getting Viera.

Things just keep getting better and better.  Arsenal are being linked to every striker under the sun.  Then, just to top things off, we sign Sol Campbell back!  Indeed, as I’m writing this, Sol played the first half of the reserves match against West Ham.  Yet perhaps the biggest question is since we signed Sol, why not Viera? Continue reading