Arsenal America fans: it’s called soccer and that’s okay


Nike got this one right....


Sigh. Unfortunately, Americans feel like they can’t say the word “soccer.” Somehow it’s wrong or dirty.  Sometimes fans get a little too emotional, it’s all very “The Soccer Dialogues.” Some guy hoists a beer and starts talking about what the word “soccer” means to him, from his days as a young AYSO player, while a bunch of other fans nod their heads knowingly.  Then another fan steps up and talks about all the stick he takes, if any Brits are around, yelling at him for using the word “soccer” because “it’s called football since it’s played with your feet!”  Another cries softly as he talks about his embarrassment, when he accidently said “soccer,” but he meant to say football and everyone looked at him funny.  He tries so hard to fit in!  Until finally, one fan stands up, looks at the others in turn, looks to the ceiling and shares an eye-opening discovery that changed his life: It’s okay to say: soccer. Continue reading