Arsene’s Problem Child: buying Eduardo is the key to the transfer season

Arsene is facing a big decision, one that might have a huge effect on Arsenal. A great conflict between his competing philosophies of developing youth and finding bargains. Although the fate of the free world doesn’t rest on his decision, Arsenal’s defense next year just might.  Continue reading


A new look team: Arsenal might lose 10 players this summer

With all of the attention focused on the players Arsene might bring in, the players that might be leaving are pretty interesting as well. Five players alone will be free to transfer come Monday; two are already gone, two are likely to leave, and the fifth may retire. This means Arsenal will have gaping holes that our reserves simply can’t cover and our loanees don’t look ready to cover. No matter what, Arsenal will have a new look next year. Continue reading

Arsenal’s Achilles Heel?

St. Andrews.  Birmingham.  Hong Kong millionaire and ugly kits.   Eduardo’s unspeakable injury.  Two fatal draws.  These are some of my least favorite things.  BUT, I’m not disappointed in the players’  performances.  In fact, I am impressed.  After a lackluster opening half, we opened them up.  90 minute goals happen.  But, we have to take away  a gutful performance that showed our teams title aspirations–even if these aspirations don’t manifest in this year’s domestic campaign.  Continue reading

Arsene’s blueprint for success continues: build a team, don’t buy mercenaries.

The West Ham game showed another step of success in Arsene’s blueprint of how to build a Club.  If the find and selling of Ade was a speedbump toward Arsene’s vision for the Arsenal, this FA match showed success is near at hand.  It all comes down to the celebrations by Ramsey and Eduardo.  Their celebrations showed two players battling different demons.  It also showed a growing confidence and belief by the players in the Club.  Together, these celebrations show Arsene success in building a team of players that want to be Arsenal players.  Indeed, Arsene has built a real team, not a collection of mercenaries. Continue reading