Arsene is right; the EPL should stop trying to sacrifice virgins

"Really, it's this big!"

Watching Arsene battle with the English press and culture about protecting players sounds like someone trying to explain to a Hollywood movie tribe that sacrificing a virgin will not make it rain. The response by a bunch of second rate managers is stupefying. Their defense is classic, if absurd: “[soccer] is a contact sport.” Sounds like: “If burn her, rain come.” Or in reality, the EPL must sacrifice a player’s career, ideally a young one, to appease the football gods. This is life. This is the law. There is no other truth. Since when did the EPL become a cult? And why is England putting up with this nonsense?

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Thanks to Brazil, Arsenal will never be the same.

Since I’m in the midst of finals I spend way too much time avoiding studying and trolling the Arsenal blogs.  But today is about the fun jibber jabber -transfer rumors and purchases.   Arsene receives more than his fair share of criticism for not spending money, but the Outfit has been making some interesting moves in Brazil. Continue reading
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