Why the liverpool sale might mean Arsenal is sold too

With the impending sale of liverpool to another billionaire, the challenges to Arsenal off the pitch are growing. Last season the debate about Arsenal’s potential ownership structure was a constant theme up until the anti-climatic May deadline. But watch for a resurgence in this debate if liverpool are purchased by an owner that has no desire to operate within any fiscal restraint. As liverpool go, so goes the Arsenal.

About four months ago, the Liverpool owners finally raised the white flag and committed to selling the club. With the bids submitted, liverpool is about to be sold. And, given their history, debt and potential, whomever purchases liverpool will inject a ton of money into liverpool, introducing yet another potential manciteh into the EPL.

So the question arises: can Arsenal handle another manciteh?

The short answer is no. At least not as things are today.

Many fans of the game fail to understand that the big issue isn’t the purchasing of players, but the wage bills. For any team, in any sport, controlling the wage bill is always the great challenge.  If liverpool joins manciteh in mind boggling wages (think Yaya at £200k+ per week) or even chelski in elite pay packages (often 2x of what Arsenal players receive), Arsenal has a problem.

A new liverpool owner might just buy Arsenal out of the Champions League. Imagine yet another purchasing beast scouring the world during the transfer season raising prices and buying every established player in sight.

Forget the FA’s already misplaced homegrown rule, the EPL will become a billionaire’s playground, where the cost of entry is ownership by one party unlimited pockets.

So what does this mean for Arsenal?

It means the Arsenal must increase revenues now. Although the Club’s revenues are high and can be increased, the global marketing needs to be taken up a notch and faster. Arsene needs to forgo Austria for two weeks and come to the States -if only for marketing. And, Arsenal needs to ramp up it’s Online offers, cough cough, fix Arsenal OnlineTV to give more people outside of England a chance to watch the games.

It means Arsenal is running out of time. Five year plans are good. They strike a balance between investment and return. But the Club can’t afford anymore five year plans. If the current crop of the Arsenal golden age (Sunu, Frimpong, JET and Wilshere) don’t produce, there’s no looking back. We need to start purchasing U21’s at the £10m mark and hope.

But most importantly:

It means that boardroom battle over Arsenal is likely to return. Battle for control of Arsenal should heat up again in the next season. Because of liverpool and manciteh, Usmanov’s position might just be strengthened. What once was viewed with suspicion might now be viewed as a saving grace. The ideal of a multiple owners and a board with tradition deeply rooted in Arsenal’s roots might be a thing of the past.

If Arsenal should have a big money buyer, our status and ability to lure new players will be assured. As chelski leveraged living in London, so can the Arsenal. An especially vital point when competing against manciteh’s and possibly the new liverpool’s deep pockets.

So as liverpool goes, so goes Arsenal.


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