Arsenal’s savior: it’s Nasri’s time to take over Arsenal

Watching Nasri this preseason I can’t hep but think Nasri senses that his moment is now. Only two games and three weeks into preseason, but one can sense something is afoot in the french tasmanian devil. For all of this summer’s talk about Fab, GOA is going on record to say that this will be Nasri’s breakout season. Too often playing second fiddle combined with failing to make an impression when given an opportunity last season, the stars are aligned for the frenchie from Marseille. Besides this goaland this goal, here are five reasons why:

Preseason is just that, preseason. So the number of goals against teams like Barnet doesn’t really impress me. I like them, but I’m looking to see what players are asserting themselves and how they are getting on with the teammates. Although RVP and Fab have yet to return to Arsenal, Nasri appears to be putting his stamp on the team at just the right time. In order from least important to most:

5. Gallas is gone. Nasri has always been outspoken, for better or worse. The departure of his nemesis removes an obstacle to his place in the locker room. As an older player with experience, Gallas, for all of his faults had clout. He’s gone now.

4. Chip on the shoulder. Nasri missed the world cup, but he should have been there. Don’t think he didn’t take that personally. If not because of Domenech than because of the “veteran” players that didn’t seem to want him on the team (rumors have it Ribery didn’t want him). Now Nasri has something to prove. Arsene won’t need to motivate him. With the French squad getting ready to rebuild, now is his chance, and he knows it. One more thing about the World Cup; since Nasri wasn’t there, he doesn’t have any baggage, besides, he’s friends with Diaby and Sagna. And for what it’s worth, Sagna was on Gourcuff’s side in the locker room split. Against Ribery. Another Nasri nemesis going down in flames!

3. Depth on the team. For much of the last campaign, Nasri has played wherever he was needed, especially upfront. The addition of Chamakh combined with the maturity of Walcott mean that Nasri can stop being our band aid and start pushing for his preferred position as an attacking midfielder, not a forward. Don’t sleep he has Fab’s talent, he’s faster as well; what Nasri lacks is the ability to make others around him better. With more depth now he might just develop that skill.

2. This is Nasri’s team.  No stranger to controversy, Nasri’s clout is increasing on the team. Now a “veteran” his “crew” is also starting to increase on the Club. Already friends with Arshavin, you can see that he also gets along with new player Chamakh, is buddies with Diaby, Sagna and Walcott as well. Locker room angst for some? I’m guessing for the old French guard.

1. The Fab saga. Arsenal has been Fabregas’s team. Arsene built the team around the young midfield genius, even changing the tactics to get the best out of the player. Nasri toiled in that shadow, but b*rca’s tapping up antics have driven a wedge between Fab and club and fans. To be sure, I fully expect Fab, if he returns, to be professional. It’s just that his commitment isn’t there and everyone knows it. Compare this to Giggs and Scholes up north. A player with that kind of instability means people start to take you a little less seriously. I mean, how can Fab comment on what the team needs to do if all the players expect him to leave? It just doesn’t work. Players and fans want a true commitment, Nasri offers that.

Nasri loves Arsenal. He loves wearing the shirt. He just needs a chance to show it. Well now he’ll have his opportunity and I hope he takes it.


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