Arsene’s Problem Child: buying Eduardo is the key to the transfer season

Arsene is facing a big decision, one that might have a huge effect on Arsenal. A great conflict between his competing philosophies of developing youth and finding bargains. Although the fate of the free world doesn’t rest on his decision, Arsenal’s defense next year just might. 

On the one hand, Arsene is immensely loyal and dedicated to developing his young talent. And it’s pretty clear that Arsene wants to protect his two young protégées in Mannone and Szczesny. Because of their great potential, he wants to give them more time. So naturally any goal keeper he’s looked at has been older. Hence the big push for Mark Schwarzer.

But then along came Eduardo of Braga. Even though Arsenal play in the EPL, Arsene insists on the beautiful game. So tactically, we play a full force attacking and passing game. It’s no surprise that Arsenal’s best defense is a good offense: possession and moving the ball. Of course, this also means that any goal keeper we have is going to be exposed a lot and need to have a strong presence to manage a flowing defense.

No young keeper can do this. Or perhaps, none of Arsenal’s keepers are likely to be able to. Here’s where Eduardo comes in. At 27, he’s the right age to have an immediate impact. At £3.5m he’s the right price. Remember Schwarzer’s bid was only for around £3m. Finally, as a leader on the Portuguese national team that had something like 11 straight clean sheets or something, Eduardo can be the keel that the defense needs.

How can Arsene pass this up? He can’t pass up a bargain, he just can’t. And Eduardo presents the opportunity of a life time for the last five years.  At 27 he’s the right age and after his performance not just in the World Cup but in the qualifications his price is more than right.

But therein lies the problem. Eduardo is just 27; if he comes and establishes himself, what happens to Manone and Szczesny?

Here’s the question. So what? The time is now and a potential answer is here. As much as we’d like to wait to let the our young keepers develop, this is a huge opportunity. Arsene has a chance to rebuild the weakest link of the defense overnight with a massive upgrade. An international player that knows the business.

Will it happen? Unlikely. The rumor is already posted on the death call of potential transfers, the website. But then again, Kosclienly is listed there too, and we know he’s signed.


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