Arsene pulls another fast one. Why Koscienly is a good buy for the Arsenal

Just a quick bit in preparation for this week’s impending announcement. The blogosphere is a mess about the up coming Koscienly transfer. Jumping ahead of the official announcement, I’ll say it: Koscienly is a good buy for Arsenal.

With the announcement set to come this Thursday, the much discussed addition of Koscienly is about to happen. For what appears to be just under £10m Arsene will have dropped the average age of our central defense to around 24 and have begun to rebuild it from the ground up. I won’t argue about Koscienly’s value based on YouTube clips. No, instead I offer to you my fellow Gooners that Koscienly will be good because he fits perfectly with what Arsenal need and what Arsene wants. That’s why Arsene pushed so hard for him.

Many out there want a big Sol type of CB, a bruiser. That might work for a Bolton, but that’s not Arsenal’s game. If you doubt that, look to barca; nobody in their right mind would call Pique a bruiser. He’s intelligent in his spacing, a good tackler, a good passer, a danger in the air and comes forward on attack well.

Sound familiar? Yup, that’s Koscienly. We don’t need Koscienly to physically hit everything; we need him to be smart and fit into the system well. And, we need someone that can do so under £10m. There were only two others with that ability and around that price: Smalling and Boateng. At least until the price for both was jacked up because of those funny teams up north.

Koscienly adds what we need to our defense: an intelligent tackler to break up counter attacks. Someone that complements Vermaelen; a man that seems hellbent on proving that defenders under 5’9 can put a hurt on anyone. The fact that Koscienly did so well in Ligue 1 as a tackler is what caught Arsene’s eye. It’s his ability to play the pitch that we want.

So yeah, he’s no bruiser; but we have that, we have the Verminator. What we get is a Gallas type of player that will actually run back on defense (not sit in the box wondering about a missed goal) and one who can put a tackle down on someone.

So here’s the GOA prediction:

  1. Koscienly will prove Arsene right.
  2. Koscienly will become a fan favorite for dropping people with his tackles in the EPL. Prepare for the EPL YouTube videos of Krazy Koscienly.

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