Fab should stay because barca doesn’t really want him……..

I was thinking about Fab’s situation today at the gym -I still think he’ll leave -and am beginning to feel bad for him. His position, with Arsenal and barca is becoming more difficult. Sure, he may want to leave, I think we’ve all accepted that, but he’s giving up something potentially very special and he has to know that. While he might dream of his likely move to barca to come sooner, rather than later; if he stops and takes a breath, he might realize that leaving might not actually be the best thing for him. Indeed, barca doesn’t even want him for the team, they want him for marketing and political purposes. If he plays well, even better.

If there is one thing this last season should have taught us, the grass is not always greener on the otherside. The experience of Sneijder, Robben and Ribery might be good for Fab to think about. For instance, during the Champions League final, a lot of media attention focused, and rightly so, on two players that were storming back into the Bernabeu triumphantly: Sneijder and Robben. Both players were chased out of down for little to no good reason. In an interview right before the Final, Robben described his situation at madrid as ridiculous; comments supported by former madrid manager Pellegrini. As a tangent, Pellegrini’s interview explains much as to why so many conflicting rumors emanate out of the madrid camp: some are from the manager and some from the head office because they don’t speak to each other!

Anyway, both of these players found success at new clubs, but they also found homes at these new clubs. Both Inter and Bayern are big Clubs with great history. Being the “man” at either Club means something. And after their journeymen careers on the edge of superduperstardom, both of these players finally understand that. As great as it is to be considered a big enough player for madrid or barca, being the man at a big club means something special that might in fact be better. Or if I try to put in a more simplistic, way, hey folks, there are more clubs out there than those two. And those two are teetering on insolvency.

Ribery learned this the hard way, but got lucky. After flirting with other clubs, he realized that his club is Bayern. Sure, he has to compete for that title with Robben now, but he’s also become part of something special at Bayern as well. Don’t think he doesn’t know that.

Sure, the teams in Spain do offer the opportunities for trophies, but frankly, I don’t even count the la liga title anymore. This year was just the icing on a 20 year cake that’s been baking: a thirty point difference between the top two and third place, with the top two nearly scoring a 100 points. Even though only a few teams have dominated the EPL, at least the race has been close most of the year between several teams. But I digress. Back to our Fab.

Fab has a chance to do something special at Arsenal. Yes, there’s a risk it won’t work out. Just like it was a risk to make him (a 22 year-old) so central to Arsenal -and now he’s leaving! But without risk there is no gain. Born in Catalonia, but bred in the English football league, I suspect Fab will miss the EPL more than he thinks. More importantly, I suspect he’ll look back on his career, even with his Spanish trophies, and realize that had he stayed, something special could have happened. Something that would have put him in the hallowed halls most recently adorned with Cantona and Zidane. Players that define a Club for ages. Had Fab committed to the Arsenal, others would too. We were so close this year and have already started making the adjustments we need. Imagine enticing other players, a Hazard, Melo, Gourcuff, Balotelli or Higuain. The one big expenditure Arsene might be willing to lay out to finalize the team if he knew Fab was going to stay.

Instead, Fab looks to move back home to a place that purports to love him, but insults him in the same breathe. They offer only £30m, after paying £35 for Villa? That’s more than negotiation tactics; that tells you what barca thinks of Fab. He’s not a player they want to play. He’s a player they want to use in order to demonstrate they’re king of the clubs; to show that he wants to come back. But if he stays with us, he’ll always be FTK, Fab the King. He still has time to stop, to point to additions Arsene makes as an excuse, but his relationship with the Gunner faithful is finally being tested. He’s increasingly becoming stuck. But as Fab prepares to depart I wonder what’s best for Fab?


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