Sell Fab: Arsenal – Fab = Gourcuff + Hazard

Fab is gone. That’s clear. Even if, by some twist of failed negotiations he stays, it’s only for another year. His silence has been overpowering. This means it’s time to rebuild the team and we need do so quickly. There’s no time to reminisce or hope for lost opportunities with manciteh biting at our heels. But that’s okay, it’s time to bring in the player that can truly be an Arsenal legend, one built for Arsenal: Gourcuff.

Arsene doesn’t want to change how we play; it’s too beautiful. He’s also on the cusp of revolutionizing the EPL forever. If he can show that a balance budget and beautiful play can win in the EPL, other teams will follow and his global legend confirmed. This means if Fab leaves we need a direct replacement. Someone that has the same technique, flair and panache of Fab. A leader that can take the team to the next level. This summer, there’s only one: Gourcuff.

The playmaker from France fits the bill. He’s 23, but a veteran of the champions league and the national team. He has a great technique; he’s accustomed to being the creative force but strong enough to play in the EPL. He also slots in well since we have Chamakh, making the transition easier.

But more importantly Gourcuff fits Arsenal perfectly. His intangibles, history and potential match Arsenal’s needs today and tomorrow. Gourcuff is a hyper talented player in search of a home at a big club to make his own. He left AC Milan to play more and took a chance at a smaller club. He joined the smaller club because of the quality of the manager, to develop his skills. But to reach his full potential he needs a big club to call home. He needs Arsenal.

Arsenal as well needs a true leader to call Captain. One that we and the players can count on. One that wants to call Arsenal home. Sure, there are even younger players out there that we can buy; and expensive veterans as well. But buying for the Club means buying Gourcuff this year, and perhaps Hazard next year. And taking Arsenal to the next level.

So while Fab might not have given us trophies, his greatest gift might be the money he brings to the Club. By selling Fab we can finally make the significant investments we need to buildout the team today and in the future. If Anelka brought us the Academy; Fab can bring us the future today.


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