Why Chamakh is a huge pickup and might keep Fab at Arsenal

Chamakh wasn’t the most exciting of transfers. Forget that everyone knew he was coming. He’s a Moroccan international coming from a French team that fell to sixth this season. But Chamakh is actually one of those signings that might push us over the top and keep Fab at Arsenal. Everyone wants big name signings, but a team requires balance and players that maximize their potential day in and day out. Chamakh is one of those players.

It’s easy to critique Arsenal’s defense this past season. So easy, I won’t even talk about it right now. But we had another huge issue, our offense. And I’ll bet Arsene is more concerned about the offense than the defense. This is why even after Chamakh’s purchase Arsenal are still being linked with more strikers.

Injuries or not, our strike force failed to deliver. Time and time again Arsene and fans watched missed opportunities. It was worse than people realize. Fab, our creative force, was our leading scorer. This was not his job; this was not to supposed to be. So while our greatest defense should have been our offense, the big clubs, and a few small ones, exposed us: we couldn’t score.

Chamakh is one step toward addressing this odd imbalance. Sure it would be great to have a player like Messi, but more important than Messi is a team’s balance. If collecting stars were enough, real madrid or barca would have been in the champions league final. Both sacrificed their balance last season. Look at them now.

Chamakh is one of those players  that give you the consistent 8/10 every game, day in and day out. They may not be the super stars, but they emphasize the strength of the team. He adds the professionalism to finish with RVP in the front line. This takes more pressure off of Fab to look to score himself. This is a huge addition. One Arsene will be sure to emphasize to Fab if necessary.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene picks up one more striker type. Someone to rotate with RVP. One more player that adds another clinical finisher to our frontline, because it sure won’t be Walcott or Vela at this rate.

Sure, Arene’s looking at a keeper and a defender. But he’s also hunting for new strikers. A gun to add another threat to our force. Arsene isn’t worried about our defense. He’s worried about our offense. He’s worried about a 4-3-3 that can’t score.

-the student


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