Dear Arsenal: a lesson in public relations

Among the many changes we can anticipate for this upcoming season, one big hope I hold is for the sophistication of Arsenal’s media relations. I have no idea who manages this process, but something must give. Getting information out of the Club’s hiearchy is the proverbially fruitless task of trying to squeeze blood from a rock. It doesn’t happen. Who’s fault is this? Arsene? Gazidis? Fox?

This isn’t some fly by night complaint, this has become a pattern. We’ve already had the worst kept secret in [soccer]: the Chamakh transfer. So well known was this transfer, it has become cliche to say “the worst kept secret in [soccer].” So when the purchase was finally announced it was met with a yawn and a collective shrug. This is unfortunate since the signing should have helped temper the Fab rumors. The purchase improves our strike force; yet it lacked any of the media attention one should expect from a major Club signing. Granted, Chamakh may not be Balotelli. But his addition strengthens a hugley weak area. This was a good thing. Something we should all be happy about.

Such a nonchalance has carried over into the worst of the rumors as well. Fab. Arsenal has dealt with the Fab rumors in an inexplicable manner. I can appreciate the ideal of staying above the fray, but in battlefield parlance, we have ceded the field to our enemy. Barca delivers a constant stream of messages to distract destabilize and assure their seeming superiority. Yet in response, we offer nothing. Meanwhile fans and the media run wild.

Of course the club need not engage in a constant war of words. But the Fab issue has become destabilizing. A simple “we expect Fab to stay,” comment is sufficient. Don’t make us wait days for it.

One truth I will acknowledge -sometimes keeping your mouth shut is for the best. Problems are minimized and flexibility assured. But Arsenal’s rule of silence has become a constant distraction made worse by Arsenal’s (dis)quiet.

So here we stand. Barca yelling. Arsenal and Fab silent. Are the rumors true? Will Fab leave us this summer? We shall soon find out. But in the mean time Arsene, say something!

-the etudiant


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