If Fab is the new Ronaldo then it’s time for him to leave

So sorry for the long hiatus. There’s a lot going on theses days too. Usmanov’s strategic money moves; Arsene’s odd little hints here and there; but the most important rumors are the Fab ones. I don’t care what Fab said -his comments weren’t that big a deal -it’s about the constant rumors, they are destabilizing. At this point, the Club needs to ask whether now is a good time for Fab leave.

Sell Fab? Sounds crazy. He’s King Fab and clearly our best player. Letting him leave would decimate the team. But there are a few arguments for him to leave as well.

1. Price. Pragmatism over love? Fab’s value is at a premium right now. Sure his value might go up, but there are a combination of factors that make his value particularly high right now: barca’s presidential election, real madrid’s desperation to recover next season, and manciteh juicing the market with their huge walled. Cashing in on Fab now might make the most sense.

Add the cash we have on hand now with the money we could make by selling Fab and we have the potential to remake the team overnight. Imagine a transfer fund of £100m. A few key purchases in the £10-15m range (a ‘keeper, defender and striker) and maybe one in the £25m range (midfield playmaker) and the team is completely rebuilt.

2. Flexibility. Right now, the team is extremely dependent on Fab. When he doesn’t play, the team is all off balance. Of course we don’t have anyone to replace Fab, so we collapse. The 4-3-3 we operate falls apart. Selling Fab frees the team to restructure into a more flexible form suited to the talent of the rest of the team with just a few purchases thrown in (see above).

Right now, a lot of players are criticized for their failure to play up to their potential. But some of this lost potential is because of the system. Denilson might do much better in a 4-4-2, where he’s, well, like Gilberto; the man he was supposed to replace.

3. Focus. I never thought I’d say this, but now I understand the manu fans. I remember speaking to a couple of them last year. They didn’t care if ronaldo left or stayed. One went so far as to say that he wanted to him to leave, just to end all the talk. I don’t know about you, but I am rapidly moving in that direction. Fab may want to leave Arsenal as a winner, so that he can point back and say that he left on good terms.

But that might not be what’s good for the team.

-the student


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