A new look team: Arsenal might lose 10 players this summer

With all of the attention focused on the players Arsene might bring in, the players that might be leaving are pretty interesting as well. Five players alone will be free to transfer come Monday; two are already gone, two are likely to leave, and the fifth may retire. This means Arsenal will have gaping holes that our reserves simply can’t cover and our loanees don’t look ready to cover. No matter what, Arsenal will have a new look next year.

My rules: I used the Arsenal website, so any loss requires a one for one replacement. Also, lets hold aside the 25 home grown player rule to keep things simple.

Starting with those players that can leave on a Bosman or free transfer:

Merida is gone so the midfield needs at least one more player. Senderos is out. Gallas is not officially gone, but he will be; ditto with Silvestre. Sol is the only player that might stay. Or he might retire. Or he might become a coach. Who knows? But at minimum, we are losing four players listed on the Arsenal website. (4).

Players that might leave in order of likelihood:

1. (70%) Eduardo. I hate this rumor. I understand it, but I hate it. After all he’s been through. But he wants to play and lets face it, he’s not getting playing time now. Throw in Chamakh’s arrival and Eduardo just fell down the latter again. Maybe if Vela leaves he can stay, but things don’t look good for Eduardo. If only because he’ll want to leave. The rumors to Lyon make a lot of sense for all parties involved. We have 5 strikers now with another one coming in, someone has to go.

2. (50%) Vela. The rumors about Vela are more likely to be hope from some rather than reality. Vela hasn’t ended the season well at all -forgetting his passport before the barca game, what was that all about? His play (not impressive) coupled with the introduction of Chamakh makes the idea of another loan not that far off. Right now, he might stay as the fifth forward if Eduardo leaves, but if another striker is purchased early on, like Remy, Vela could easily be out on loan.

3. (30%) Eboue. From villain to hero. Transfer rumors surround him like a shadow even when he’s doing well. I don’t see Eboue leaving, however, unless Arsene brings in another right full back to cover (Van Der Wiel).  That said, Eboue’s also a possible make-weight with juventus for Melo. Two possible scenarios plus Eboue’s desire for first team football means there’s a chance he’s gone.

4. (10%) Sagna. I would have thought this the least likely rumor, but with rumors floating around Van Der Wiel, and juventus sneaking about, this has to be given some credence. It’s not that I worry about juventus, it’s just that I think Arsene may want Melo more than Sagna or Eboue. Especially if he can get Van Der Wiel. Sagna leaving isn’t likely though since it would cause huge amounts of disruptions, especially if we don’t have a right back that can slot in immediately.

5. (5%) Clichy. Off to barca? I don’t think this will happen, but £20m is a lot of money if it’s true. And lets face it, Clichy is good, but he’s not Fab. Also, we have Gibbs and Traore. Yes they’re young, but it gives us depth in the position. Almost too much if you hold aside all of the weird injuries we had there this year. So is he gone? Probably not, but if the money is right…..

6. (1%) Arshavin. Mistranslation or not, his comments combined with his agent make this non-issue an issue. It’s not likely, but it has the capacity to snowball out of control. Hence it makes the list for the possibility of snowballing….in summer. Only a Russian.

In the end, Arsenal look to be out 4 players at minimum and 10 players maximum. More likely though, about 6 players seem to be out the door this summer.

-the student


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