This time Arsene won’t make a mistake: expect an early signing of a defensive midfielder

The summer transfer season is fast approaching! And yes, we can get excited. As information about last summer trickles out, I’m gaining faith in Arsene’s potential transfer pick ups. Yes, last summer was a debacle, a precursor to this year in fact. But it turns out last summer Arsene did know what he was up to; rumors about potential players were true after all. It didn’t work out for a variety of reasons, but what we know a defensive midfielder is coming for sure. Even better, with a large kitty, Arsene might pick up a few players we missed out on last summer.

We know Chamakh is coming in, but Arsene has also said 2-3 others might be coming as well. A central defender is easy. But a defensive midfielder is on his way, the hints are in the past.

Melo. Not to rehash the past, but was it just meant to be? He looks to be on his way. Arsene pushed hard for Melo and lost out for a variety of reasons. But now, for less than before, he might be heading to Arsenal next summer. This would be a huge pick up and might just reinvigorate the fan base.

Inler: Remember him? It’s interesting to hear that Arsene made a strong play for Inler last summer. I suspect this came after the Melo deal fell apart and Arsene started to scramble a bit. No matter, Arsene put in a bid and it was rejected. What’s most important, is that Arsene recognized our frailty in the defensive midfield BEFORE the season began. Whether Arsene buy’s Inler now is doubtful, but you can put money down that one of our purchases will be a defensive midfielder.

Matuidi. Another almost but not. Arsene denied interest, but the rumors were pretty strong. Numbers ranged from £2.5- £6m. Still an up and comer, he was too expensive at that price season; but what about now? A £6m purchase is cheap considering the money we have, he slots in immediately and provides defensive midfield cover and rotation with Song, potentially at just the right price. He’s also a nice pickup to build up our depth.

Who else is out there? I don’t know, but expect a defensive midfield purchase and expect it soon. Arsene won’t let this purchase wait until the world cup.

– student


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