Arsenal’s Achilles Heel?

St. Andrews.  Birmingham.  Hong Kong millionaire and ugly kits.   Eduardo’s unspeakable injury.  Two fatal draws.  These are some of my least favorite things.  BUT, I’m not disappointed in the players’  performances.  In fact, I am impressed.  After a lackluster opening half, we opened them up.  90 minute goals happen.  But, we have to take away  a gutful performance that showed our teams title aspirations–even if these aspirations don’t manifest in this year’s domestic campaign.  When Nasri (as a substitute) hit that strike, I got a little pissed off.  WHY DIDN’T HE START?  My left brain responsds: he has a niggling hamstring injury and needs to be rested for Barca.  My right brain rebuts this argument: he is turning into a lynch pin and we can’t win without him.  As soon as we brought on Arshaving and Nasri, our entire team changed because  Fab and Diaby had steady targets.  Bendtner could lull up front like he is supposed to rather than fighting for possession in the offensive third.  We discovered our rhythm in a choppy English game.  So the question arises: why didn’t we start these two?

This is crunch time.  You don’t voluntarily rotate talent in the last gasp effort to bring home silverware.  Starting Rosicky and Walcott was simply stupid.  They are the substitutes.  Win the game and then save the talent.  I don’t know what the hell Arsene was thinking with this lineup, but it lost us a critical game and probably means we cannot win the EPL. 

So back to St. Andrews.  It looks like BCFC is in the EPL to stay.  That’s fine.  We now have history together like so many pairings of teams.  Today is another reminder that we can never rest on our laurels.  We have to show BCFC and all the other mid-tier clubs the respect they deserve.  If we continue doing what we did today then Birginham et al are going to punish us.


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