There will be (fresh) blood: it’s a buyers market this summer so Arsene will be shopping

It’s no shock the summmer transfer rumors are already in overdrive. This summer has all the makings of an explosive transfer session. Normally, the World Cup would make the summer interesting by itself, as new talent is exposed. But last summer’s price inflation is about to meet this coming summer’s firesale at real madrid and chelsea. Although manciteh is going to flash the cash, and probably buy half of the cast ways from chelsea and real madrid, talent should still exceed cash. This means arsene is likely to purchase this summer because it’s a buyer’s market.

Some football clubs have been able to ignore financial reality, but they can’t run from economic truths. Supply and demand govern all. Soccer is no different. Last summer demand was high (teams with big money on the prowl), but supply low (just not that many quality players availiable). As a result prices were out of whack. Players that should have gone for £8m or £10m were commanding £12m or £14m. Arsene did right by selling ade and toure at the time for stupid high prices. But now failures and over bloated rosters by chelsea and real madrid dictate a firesale. Even better they don’t need complete overhauls so the net gain is a release of players onto the market that will depress, or return to reality depending on your view, transfer rates.

Arsenal benefits because we like to purchase younger players, the up and coming U-21 types. So when the two teams start to unload veterans players, the Italians and manciteh will make moves to collect the experience -ignoring youthful potential. Although real madrid and chelsea will also be on the market, they need big name stars, like Ribery, not the young players we want. This bodes well for the sharp eyed professor.

Add to all this the new talent the World Cup will expose and Arsenal have a fantastic chance to go shopping this summer. Since we don’t need to purchase a lot, this is a huge opportunity to spend very little and buy quality. This puts Arsene in a very strong bargaining position even with current players like Gallas.

I don’t know who Arsene will go after this summer, a goal keeper it looks like, more defenders perhaps, a striker maybe. And I don’t know who’s going out the door, well, besides Merida -adios compadre! But there will be fresh blood next season.

-the student


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