W Stands for Whew

It’s full-time, thankfully.  I was going to post about the barca quarter-final tie.  But a certain idiot referee may have just handicapped our EPL season.  Alumnia’s save aside, the red card was a disaster.  Vermaelen’s play was sound and there should never have been a call.  But there was a call.  We all know the centreback situation was already at critical mass with Gallas’ interminable calf injury.  This additional hurdle is wholly unnecessary and may prove disasterous. I’m expecting Song  to drop back like he did today.  He was my man of the match both because he continues to improve his forward passes and because he is proving to be a masterful defender.  Diaby also impressed and I find it hard to stomach when he’s on the bench.  But, now we need Denilson to play two games as a holding midfielder.  I’m expecting close calls. 

However, Vermaelen will be back for Barca–barring another (un)expected disaster.  And this tie should shape up to be an outright barn burner.  I’m looking forward to the collision of 2 beautiful passing games.  But, I’m also fearful that Messi is going to make us pay for our slack defending.  We need to mark that man and I think dropping back song with Vermaelen might be the best solution.

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